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Some of my Favorites of my Favorites:

Ninja-Gamer By: DragonKnightRyu

Willpower of Fire By: Vash Eater

The Bloody Oracle of Kiri By: CannibalisticApple

Naruto the Quirky Villain By: fairy tail dragon slayer

Reality Viewing: Naruto the Quirky Villain By: Curious Kitsune654

Death Trio By: rene3037769

Time Turned Back By: sakurademonalchemist

Runic Animagi By: Kassien

Daphne Greengrass and the Importance of Intent By: Petrificus Somewhatus

Harry Potter and the Artificer Legacy By: Kairomaru

Voleur D'âme By: Twubs

Madness at the Gate By: ZenoNoKyuubi

Harry Five-O By: mjimeyg

Prisons, Cages & Mausoleums By: SoRunsTheWorldAway

Silence is Golden By: VaingloriousHound

Security Issues By: Khor Evik Vlakhavlakh

Rockband Anbustyle By: flamingmagnum

Questions and Answers By: Logar3

Naruto: Wielder of Nuibari By: Greg1234567

Unseen By: VaingloriousHound

Lifeline By: SilvermistAnimeLover

Arclight Foundries By: Twisted Fate MK 2

Leader of the Family of D By: Nazai117

Great Teacher Izuku - Collection By: Yojimbra

What if? By: FunahoMisaki

Setting Sail By: FunahoMisaki

How A Slytherin Gets What They Want By: Captain Cranium

Crazy, in a good way By: Yojimbra

Lead By: Imyoshi

POWER!: An Origin Story By: SuperSaiyain79

Destiny Anew By: Wicked Raygun

SGU 3 Years By: celticsouthern

Twins By: Andrius

Cat got your tongue? By: VaingloriousHound

Pineapple By: Imyoshi

Harry Potter and the Brothers Black By: JustBored21

Harry Potter and the Lightning Scar By: questionablequotation

Harry Potter: His Rise By: Heatseeker007

Beltane Child By: White Angel of Auralon

Nice One! By: SuperSaiyain79

The Power of Love By: 1Valor1

A Strawberry Hidden in the Leaves By: Demigod Patronus

The Aegis Of Fairy Tail By: BANIX

Naruto - The Wind Calamity By: DevilHex

When Harry met Wednesday By: Jhotenko

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