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Welcome to my page i'm bookcoda, i am a longtime member of fanfiction i have been apart of this website for about 8 years so i have collected a long list of favorites and follows. i had written my own story but because it was somewhat low quality i decided to remove it.

i am a guy.

A cynic that dares to hope

I have a rant that I would like to share with all you fanfiction writers "can you guys please put a notice in your stories that informs your reader that you have a sequel to your previous story it is wholly irritating when I reach the end of the story and alert and favorite eagerly waiting for the next chapter only to find (or never realize) that the story I was reading already had a sequel that I didn't know about. so please can you guys put notices in your final chapter that you have a sequel out. Good on you numerous people that do. It's like in a terrific restaurant where the food sucks not because it's bad but because there is not enough of it."

i had a story on here but i removed it because it sucked. i have a 70 page rough draft of a story that i would like to post on here but as i am lazy that doesn't look particularly likely especially since it is 70 pages handwritten rough draft meaning that not only do i have to type out 70 pages i also have to fix errors and flesh out the bare bones ideas that are on paper. so basically this means two things one: it will be awhile before anyone reads the fic if ever. Two: if i ever do finish it it will be awesome like seriously awesome. Update well i lost it so... yeah.

As it doesn't look like i will contribute anything significant to the site for awhile i leave you to my favorite list. My favorite list contains a significant amount of gems that i have found during my time here on fanfiction.net.

i have another rant. Supernatural fans please stop with the slash incest and the dean X car it is scary guys. Also harry potter fans m-preg is disturbing. Also harry potter fans can you stop making the 11 year olds act like adults its not like you can't just move forward in canon. Also harry potter fans can you please just pass book one ive read through book one way to many times through your writing. Teen Titans you guys are really obsessed with Slade which sucks because i missed all those episodes. MLP seriously guys are you all depressed musicians. Homestuck well the web comic was really long and confusing i literally spent an hour trying to have someone explain it to me. Pokemon for some reason i saw a lot of N slash who is N? Kingdom hearts, Sonic, Zelda, final fantasy all Nintendo franchises that i have played snippets of over the years i was not impressed. Star Wars a lot of fics remind me of legit star wars novels long complex and often boring. Avengers has the exact same problem as Harry Potter and Hetalia though for the life of me i cant figure out why. Buffy the vampire slayer is fine though i stopped watching after angel left so there is that. Mass effect why are you guys so obsessed with the first game to the point that you just rewrite it with small changes id be fine with it if i hadn't played it twice and reread it on here like 7 more times the second game is also better. Well now that i have ranted idiotically about my irritations with each area i wish to comfort those poor souls who have been offended by my rant. i have a great deal of respect for those who have put their work out for the world and i simply wanted to give a set of advice about things that i have found painfully common/bad in each archive. i am perfectly fine with slash stuff i just don't want to read it. i find it incredibly disturbing when i am reading a 300 K harry potter time travel story and 100 K in out of the blue with no warning there is a Sirius and Harry lemon. i appreciate all the authors who clearly tag your stories or that wouldn't have only happened to me just twice. Also knowing Dumbledore is gay why has no story i have ever read even mentioned this yet i still have to wade though an ocean of gay mpreg Harry/Voldemort stories just really people.

i just wanted to talk about self-inserts for a second. i love self-inserts (SIs). i want to talk about four big fandoms that have big a relationship with the SI. MLP man their is just too many after a certain point nothing more can be done that has any originality at this point any real originality just doesn't have the quality that it used to as all the good ideas have been used sometimes multiple times in the same story (i'm looking at you diary of a madman). Mass Effect well same problem as MLP though i wish that there was a femSi x Garrus, male Mass Effect SI has been done to death. Harry Potter where are the Harry Potter SIs i would love a harry potter SI that is from someone going in as a first year. Sure their is a metric ton of girl pseudo Si OCs but most of them are almost creepily obsessed with a dark male character like Draco, Snape or Voldemort. Just please someone make a male harry potter SI please a male perspective would be amazing girl stories focus way too much on relationships rather then how cool it would be to live in a magical world. Naruto so many boring and long girl SIs. All the girl SIs also all have a thing for Kakashi, Sasuke,and Shikamaru why no love for Naruto, there is more male SI/OC X Naruko. i have yet to see a SI/OC X Naruto fic when he is the male main character of one of the biggest fandoms on the website. My main problem with girl SIs is that they stubbornly refuse to change canon i really don't want to read through the wave arc for the 30th time with your weak protagonist who is only there cause she sucks slightly less then Sakura. Male fics have the complete opposite problems as female fics rather then being long, boring and common they are rare, short and extremely entertaining with the worrying habit of rarely being finished or concluded with any sense of finality.

(further harry potter rant) Can someone please just write a world focused story with things like philosophy and thoughts about dark magic and how it might be used or effect someone. Can we please just have someone go through youth to early adulthood with an interest in dark magic without it feeling like im reading about some weird experiences someone has while at a boarding school run by medieval people. i really dont care about your grades or studying habits even if you are studying magic i want to know about you know the magic and what that means for reality. To continue on that point i really don't care that much about your relationship with your dorm mates nor your budding crush on the bigoted blond, your depressed potion teacher, nor your thing for young wizard Hitler. i just want to know about magic and i want to know about that world and your take on it.

if you have noticed the lack of capitalization i blame Microsoft word as while when i hand-write capitalization is automatic; typing less so as i have unilaterally always let the computer auto capitalize for me so i don't really pay attention when it doesn't, like how fanfictions engine doesn't. Not a problem for stories as i will use Word but expect it for my profile and reviews.

Just a couple of favorite characters from some of the larger fandoms in order based on who i like more.

Harry Potter:

1. Severus definitely one of the strongest and smartest wizards, sarcastic, clever and self sacrificial. Pairing-sev/lily,sev/same aged hermione so young severus time travel hermioine and thats about it for me dont really see any other pairing here maybe fem voldemort though i have yet to even see that written.

2. Tom Riddle is a character i like despite his older self's inherent stupidity. Pairing-femOC, hermione,femharry and that's about it though Voldemort and Bellatrix is really the only good paring when he gets older.

3. Harry Potter himself. pairing-anyone not gay or Ginny always hated Ginny.

4. Hermione smartest witch cool and strong willed. Pairing-not Ron. Eh definitely her and harry.


1. Orochimaru the smart and godly ninja. Pairing-tsunade maybe fem orochi with someone that would be cool have yet to see it written at all well though.

2. Naruto the unkillable chakra tank. Pairing-never really liked Hinata so anyone not her or gay. Best couple is NarukoXSasuke or NarutoXfemSasuke. i can really see where the yaoi fangirls got this idea.

3. Itachi killed the whole clan to save his brother. Paring-really the only one i can really see or would like to see would be fem-itachi Naruto or itachiXnaruko.

Buffy the vampire slayer

1. Xander the lone human who fights with superhumans. Pairing-him and Buffy.


1. Always really liked Jacob in the books though its not worth even trying to look through the archive for this.

Death Note

1. Ryuk is my favorite part of death note Pairing-none

2. Light is my second favorite character in Death Note Pairing-light and female OC/SI please someone finish.

74. L ,near, mello hate all of them. The gayness and fangirl obsession with them makes me cringe soooooo hard.


1. Nick the awesome Grimm detective Paring-him and Adeline is absolutely the best.

2. Adeline cool witch Pairing-her and nick definitely.

3.Hank cool human who helps nick Paring-none

4.Monroe kinda geeky clock maker also a wolf-man cool Pairing-same as show

5.Wuu cool human who also helps Pairing-none

17. Juliette is just annoying through the first couple of seasons i don't really like the love triangle going on now as Nick and Adelined are the best couple.

Mass Effect

1.Joker voiced by Seth Green is the best. Pairing-him and femshep please not really a fan of him and Edi

2.Garrus is the heart of mass effect. Pairing-him and femshep or female Si please someone

Rosario Vampire

Kurumu is the only one that actually cares for Tsukune.

Walking Dead

1.Glenn was the smartest group member and the best group member. Expected his death but the fact that they fake killed him only to real kill him randomly after a fake out again made me quit the show just felt like we were purposely being toyed with rather then it being something with real weight. Made me just really hate the writers rather then Negan as the show intended. Pairing-Maggie

2. Carl whose growth from useless idiot 8 year old to grizzled immoral veteran of the apocalypse has made him my second favorite character. He is the reason i will catch up with the show if it is still on in two seasons. Pairing-i dont know probably someone older as all the girls his age really couldn't handle his personality.

3.Rick main character of the walking dead. Pairing-just really love the pairing of him and Michonne and to think we could have got him and Andrea like in the comics (cringe).


Gutts is i think either one of my favorite or my absolute favorite anime/manga protagonist. Pairing-Caska just like canon the gay undertones between Griffith and Gutts actually make sense as its obvious Griffith has a thing for Gutts (which Gutts doesn't return as he is more attracted to Caska along with his own traumas) which is what caused Griffith to have his major breakdown which is what eventually caused the downfall of Caska and the Band of the Hawk.

Story ideas (i personally wont do these but i would be nice to see other people) if someone has already written one i would appreciate a PM pointing me towards them

Fem-voldemort x harry or severus

Time travel femharryxseverus

A harry potter self insert where someone lives through a Hogwarts career with character relationships being a secondary rather then a major focus.

A Naruto story with Orichimaru as the focus where he is the main character and is born later then in canon so a younger Orichimaru grows up with the main cast

A Naruto story that uses the CRA differently then as a harem excuse

A Naruto story with fem itachi and Naruto

A Warhammer 40k story where the emperor is healed as himself or an SI tries to fix all the problems of the Imperiam- Someone actually did this and did this well its "past's relic, Future's savior"

A Berserk story where Guts and Caska are saved before griffith rapes her or griffith chooses not to do it or guts manages to prevent it losing only his arm and not his eye and how berserk might have been different after the eclipse if Caska was sane and Guts eventually had a son or daughter who is also branded just as he and Caska are.

A Berserk short story where griffith finds out that his new body is female and him dealing with that as well as his ongoing obsession with guts

A Berserk story from griffiths point of view canon or otherwise

A Berserk crossover with a variety of different franchises it would be kind of cool if Alex mercer or guts gets virus powers in berserkverse

A Stargate SG1 story where the US military was more aggressive in research and action if they were faced with an existential crisis of aliens out to enslave and kill humanity. This always bothered me as the weapons that they used were always low caliber SMGs they rarely stole or used alien technology to their advantage and they lacked the type of aggressive action that i would think characterizes the US military. Even countries that are much more even-tempered and passive then the US would be much much more aggressive then how the characters are in the show. i would see just about any government acting more like Xcom and less like the mass effect tone that characterized SG1. (i want to put major emphasis on this as to me this is one of the most really needed stories)- yes i have read crossovers with warhammer and Xcom and they were good but i would still prefer a more accurate portrayal of the US government/military faced with an existential threat in the 1990s rather then the explore and befriend which characterized SG1 If the US government is able to justify torture on potentially innocent human beings in the name of security then there is no limit to the kinds of things that you could justify doing to what are basically parasitic worm monsters. I understand why the show shied away from those kinds of things but not why no one with any military/foreign policy experience/knowledge has wrote a story that tries to be even slightly accurate to what would happen if the US government found a stargate. First off all the general public would know sooner or later as enough resources would have to be put in to the project that someone would either leak it or a politician would use it as a political tool. The knowledge of an existential threat would unite most of the major world powers (just like in WWII) as well as help whichever political party was in power to stay in power and control the government think bush 2004 which gives a major incentive for a high level politician to reveal the stargates existence to the public. Imperialism would be rampant with new planets being used for resources/science as well as local populations being governed after their freedom from the Gould with the easy justification of improving local living conditions from the pre-post medieval. Advanced Technology would be constantly stolen and reverse engineered with any knowledgeable individuals being "rescued" and "questioned". Biological/chemical weapons effective against Gould would be researched and used. Multiple countries would use the gate with the first squad being exploratory teams with exploratory teams being followed by a large group of troops scientists and government officials to create pseudo colonies on useable worlds. much like Xcom the effort would be multinational with everyone's first loyalty being to humanity, to earth, and finally to their country of origin. The majority of the countries using the star gate would be US allies though the Chinese and Russians would potentially be allowed though with less operational freedom then many other countries. Global tensions would drop significantly though localized conflicts would still continue. The global economy would continually improve as new products and materials are created. Worldwide military budgets would skyrocket as nations put money into research as well as potential defenses from alien attacks along with the money they were already putting into well arming and training personnel to use the stargates.

A Dexter story with Harrison returning to Miami older with Deb alive (or not) and having a talk/relationship with his father and siblings eventually learning the whole truth from his father who is just as far emotionally as he was at the end of the show.

A Fallout story where the lone wanderer or courier is just as much of an unfeeling strategic killer as i am when i play them acting as a walking reaper killing any who oppose them in a quest to satisfy their unending kleptomania where they only gain some small semblance or morality when it come to large scale choices such as not blowing up megaton sacrificing, self instead of Sarah or choosing to rule Vegas themselves in attempt to help people. A self insert where a normal person becomes like that would also fit here. For whatever reason all the fics i have found have almost messiah like characters rather then the murderous kleptomaniacs that most people are when they play bethesda games.

A self insert hunger games story with someone replacing peeta or katniss

A Lucifer story where Chloe decides to test his blood finally.

A Lost story where their is no smoke monster but instead some kind of dinosaur and none of the magic and crap or other people on the island happens and instead the people on the island just have to build a life there.

A Metro story where Artyom has to deal with the aftermath of his choice freeing the dark ones from the vault as well as the repercussions his contact with them might have on his new son.

A Walking Dead story focusing on Carl's point of view after his killing at the prison and his continued descent into violence and potentially his separation from the group and going his own way.

A Zootopia fic focusing on a human OC exploring their society trying to figure out why they are so much like us as well as exploring the little details like genetics ,cultures, and whether the utopian society he sees is natural or the result of futuristic humans creating anthropomorphic animals. The human eventually realizing that the world of Zootopia is artificial and created by a bunch of bored ascended human furries who use zootopia as a duel science experiment as well as a vacation spot (create animal bodies when vacation). This fic is also intended to be funny.

A Sword Art Online fic where the main character is tricked into putting on the nerve gear weeks after the death game begins which causes issues with the game causing several different potential issues such as immortality (IE re-spawns like in beta) that other characters don't share. An ability to swear when everyone else is censored would also be an interesting idea from a creative standpoint.

A Harry Potter fic where Harry finds an ancient book of the dead and become a necromancer before he goes to Hogwarts unaware of the wizarding worlds hatred of dark magic his ability comes from being hit with the killing curse as being the last living descendant of the brother to escape death allows him to be immune to the killing curse as well as give him extreme skill with necromancy. The story would be similar to canon though harry would be less hated by Malfoy and Snape as well as losing Ron as a friend Hermione being okay with his darkness through her unawareness of wizarding customs and mutual loneliness with Harry.

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