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Welcome to my corner here at

to my handle name mllhild, it comes from Moonlight Lady and Hild. Since no one besides me ever liked this name so I put the long version of it beside the name.

My boring name is André Milani-Martin, I'm a colleage student in brazil currently suffering to learn mecanic engeneering.

Well, in brazil the culture of anime is very low and they can't distinguish manga and comic. So there is nobody to talk about to it.

I discoverd fanfiction only in 10/2011 but did get instanly adicted. So if someone knows any other page with fanfiction please let me know.

Favorite anime is without doub Nanoha.

Favorite autors here at are:

1º Satashi "Pleeeeeeeaaaaaaaase come back to writing"

2º RadiantBeam

3º DezoPenguin.

I actually did save all their works on my PC. Because of this my avatar is "Gate" from Ah! Megami-sama which gets all the information from the the goddess which passes trow and gets her energy from the information. Besides she's a yuri fan like me.

Favorite Storys:

1º "PS: Vivio" by Satashi (I cried some damm rivers while reading the pic, if you ask why read my review)

2º "6th Division" by Satashi

3º "Blood Spirit" by DezoPenguin

There is a lack in my confidence in my own writing skills since I was never good at such things at school.
So I will mostly post reviews and maybe plot ideas, and if there if I get druged one day I maybe will start writing storys.

Fanfiction really gets the best out of an anime. So please write

Now my introduction is over and I will start braging about Nanoha XP
The first point why I like is that it has nearly no male characters and always female main
, in MSLN it focuses on few characters and so has time to develop them enought.cast.
, it is a bit darker than usual mahou shoujo
, there aren't allways new monster popping up and hindering the story
, the fights are between lolis :)
, the lolis are mercyless :)
, they are brutal :)
, they hit first then talk
, they befriend XD
, there is a lot of psycologic visible throw the flashback
, Fate has a really nice mother ;)
, Nanoha and Fate blush when looking at each other "!!!NanoFate!!! go on!!!"
, in StrikerS they stay in the same bet "!!!yuri love is the best!!!"
, the storyline(including T.Hearts) goes over 3 generations.
, there is a lot of space for fanfiction and jokes
, concepts are been twisted without you notice
, they show Nanoha grown and at work and her worries as mother later.
, ... well I could keep going for another hour but lets stop.

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