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Name: Magdalena

Birthday: 26 march

Gender: Female

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I came here mainly to practice my writing skills. At first I didn't want to trash this place with crappy love stories, but as I checked, there are plenty of authors with great writing skills and at last one lame story from times when they started, and it reassured me to the point that maybe, maybe, there is a little chance that one day I will be like them. Plus there are many stories that are quite... you know what I mean. Make me fell better, when even I can point out what is wrong in there.

To be honest I like making stories in my head, the dialogues and action... but I dislike writing it on paper or computer. Even now, in my head this little thing you are reading was more expanded and interesting and was to make you wait breathless to the moment I will actually update something, but, well, I failed. I wonder why. And that’s is another answer to the question 'why I am here?'. I want to train putting my thought into words, said or written, because it's annoying to know something, but cannot put it into words and express myself. And at one point I will update something. Someday. Wish me luck if you care.

I do support yullen (D.Gray-man), but this doesn't mean I am blindly reading any yullen story shouting about how they are so meant to be together and why other pairings cannot exist with exception of lucky. Actually, I am open to most of the pairings, doesn't matter if hetero or homo. Damn, I can even support Kanda and floor relationship or Johny and toothpaste one, if it's good written. I believe that everything can be possible if good explained. Even Earl x Tapp is working in my head. You cannot believe with the last one, but one day I will make this kind of a story. This is counting as cracks but who doesn't love them deep, deep down?

I love Marian Cross and Allen’s relationship. If it’s they, I don’t care if they will be bounded to each other on student-master ground, lovers or family one, if it good written I will still adore it. It’s such a shame there is so little of nice looking stories with them.

Oh, btw, Nolina Recurvata is latin name of a plant on my windowsill.

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