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hello my name is Marcel Vinder when you see my name maybe lot of you think I'm a boy but I'm a girl

Age: 11

Hobby: many things but my favorite are fighting and playing game

Fav anime:Metal Fight Beyblade,Inazuma Eleven,Eyeshield 21 and many more shounen anime

Fav game:

-Mario and Sonic at the Winter Olympic Game

-Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Game

-Inazuma Eleven 2 Blizzard and Firestorm

-Inazuma Eleven Sekai e no Chousen Bomber,Spark and Ogre

-Yu-Gi-Oh Nightmare Troubadour

Fav chara:

-Fidio Aldena(Inazuma Eleven)

-Chris(Metal Fight Beyblade)

-Hiruma Youichi(Eyeshied 21)

Least Fav Chara:

-Johanes(Metal fight Beyblade)

-Someoka Ryuugo(Inazuma Eleven)

-Mr Don(Eyeshield 21)

-Gozaburo Kaiba(Yu-Gi-Oh)

Fav Song:

-Ice Road

-Eikou e no Yell(Cheers to Glory)

-Mai Agare(Let is Soar)


-Hitomi no Naka no Shouri

That's all about me thank you to see my profile

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