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Hello wanderers. I am an Adult with a birthday in 1996, and I've been lurking and writing on the internet since 2011.

I learned and grew here at , but I've found a place I like better for my fanfic. So if you want to follow and read my new content, come find my under the same username on AO3!

Due to recent events, I'm deleting my fics and barring this account for my personal use. I can't delete the whole account, but the website has its...iffiness, and there's at least one AI that might be mining fanfic to learn how to be ~creative~ and I'm not pleased. I've been locking down my archive works - which includes ported stuff from here, but not any of the fics I've permanently deleted. I do hate I'm losing so much history with this website, but I'm protecting my shit.

I am keeping the roleplaying forums I made ages ago (I did have others in the past that are long gone) because that's not just my stuff. They have been locked for ages, but just to fresh posts. I don't like the idea of them being mined either, but again, not just my words and circus in there.

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