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Hi this is To Kill a Blonde, (JoJo and Anya{Anya types})

We only update when were together and there is reviews we are both lovers of Maximum Ride and were open to ideas if you would like to send them in. If you would like us to read your story you can review the name of the story and author or you can pm it. (JoJo think its like pancake messaging). So here’s about us. Also this is kinda belapitation our spelling and grammar is for the birds.

JoJo (written by Anya)

JoJo’s personality is like max because she is extremely stubborn and a leader when she wants to be and absolutely hates dresses and skirts, she is like Jeb because she always keeps you guessing, the voice because I have known her for years and she can be completely annoying and wont just tell you the answer. JoJo is also like Dr. Martinez because she’s a very caring person also like Nudge because if she wants she could easily make your ears bleed.

JoJo looks like an older version of Angel, except that the curls are weighed down by the big mop of blonde hair (JoJo calls it her mane(?)

JoJo’s has many favorites: Maximum Ride, Hunger Games, Beautiful Creatures, Maze Runner, Witch and Wizard, Dainel X, Distant Waves, The Inharitance cycle, The Imortal Nickleson fermel, purple, sushi, other foods, Music, British people, and drama.

JoJo hates: Ketchup, queen bees, cliques, Pretending people (they pretend there something they’re not), and Demi Lavato (no offence).

Favorite book couples: Max and Fang (Fax), Katniss and Peeta (Penisss?? Kateeta??), Eragon and Arya (unkown Help??), Ella and Iggy (Eggy), Thad and Jane (Jad), Whit and Celia (Whelia??)

Anya (written by Jojo)

Anya’s personality is like Fang because she sits in her room listening to dark music wearing black clothes, like Nudge because she can rant about something for a long time, and Iggy because she enjoys blowing things up. Also like Dr. Chu because she could be an evil genius, also Dr. Guthan-Hegan because she comes up with crazy ideas that JoJo goes along with, she also has a crazy brother who chases around with kitchen utensils (he’s not abusive just fell on his head way too many times)

Anya has Max’s hair, and is always tan which JoJo envies, also

Anya’s has many favorites: Maximum Ride, Beautiful Creatures, Christie Miller, The talisman series, Twilight (not movies), the help, witch and wizard, East (it’s a book), Outdoors, Pink, black, and Sparkles.

Anya Hates: Annoying people, long author notes, books that take forever to read, dogs, War, disagreements, and people who think that the world just needs to be normal and everyone like them.

So hope you enjoy our stories R&R.

Thanks for all who read and review!!!

Hey it's Jojo!!!

Got a new story out!!! Check it out!!! oh by the way i write short chapters. that the way i like it!!

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thanks all!! check them out too because they all rock!!

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