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Hey people Im lilnightmare17 but you can call me AWSOME

anyway, yes I am a girl, but you wouldn't know by just talking to me on the computer. and that's because I am a HUGE tomboy. Pretty much all my friends are either tomboys like me or guys.

But all kidding aside, let me tell you about myself. Well everyone knows that I'm awsome, but I dont have to tell you that you will find out aventually.

I like soccer and pretty much any kind of sport, I LOVE music it is my passion. Im in karate so Im a total ninja. Dont worry I wont beat you up (maybe)

My favorite bands are Linkin Park, Simple Plan, and Skillet.

My favorite movies are Lord of the Rings(I know, I know Im a geek), Treasure Planet (I Know it's a kid's movie but you're never too old for disney and the people that say Im wrong, well, YOU HAVE NO SOUL), and Around the World in 80 Days (I love Jackie Chan, he's BEAST)

Sorry for those that like Twilight, but vampires that sparkle are gay. Im sorry, but I cannot stand the books or movies, they make me want to throw up.

I love animals. Yes Im a big animal lover, I love the outside, my favorite place to be is in the woods. My favorite animal is the wolf, I mean come on they kick butt.

Oh yeah Im 18 years young, I refuse to get old, that reminds me of a quote i read on fanfiction, I dont remember from what story or who owns it but i hope you dont mind me saying it "Growing old is mandatory, but growing up is optional"

Well peace out suckasssssssssss!

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