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Hey guys! I'm Bailey. Here's where you'll find some things about me, and status and info about all my current stories. Check back for updates if I take a while to update a story, because most likely I'll have an explanation on here. Now, on with the profile!

Name: Bailey(:

Age: 17

Interests: I love acting and singing and dancing, pretty much anything that involves the stage, including working backstage- just being involved in a show or performance in any way, being near that atmosphere and being a part of that magic, however small... it's thrilling to me(: I'm planning on pursuing a career in theatre, and I'm currently about to begin my senior year of high school while preparing to begin the audition process to pursue a Musical Theatre major next year.

Favorite Books:

Harry Potter; my copies are well-worn, loved, and falling apart- they probably belong in a museum, but my children will inherit them and pass them on to their children, and they will have a deep love and appreciation for the incredible story in them, or they will be disowned- the children, not the books. Percy Jackson and the Olympians The Heroes of Olympus The Kane Chronicles (So pretty much anything written by the wonderful Rick Riordan.) The original Sherlock Holmes short stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyal Peter Pan The Hunger Games Trilogy The Hobbit (Sadly, I haven't read The Lord of the Rings trilogy... yet.) The 39 Clues Twilight (Personally, I think the first book is the best. Also, to any of you scoffing at my inclusion of this series in the "Favorite Books" list, I will not disrespect the work of Stephenie Meyers by passing it off as merely a guilty pleasure; I truly think the series is well-written and doesn't get nearly the amount of praise it should; frankly it gets more criticism than it deserves. Granted, the movies could have been much better in my opinion (probably in everyone's opinion,) but I think the books are awesome. *rant over) The Magic Tree House series (dont judge.)

Favorite Movies

All eight Harry Potter films, obviously(: Personally, the third, fifth, and eighth movies stand out to me. All three of The Hobbit films were incredible. (Again, sadly have yet to see The Lord of the Rings films as well.) Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland Pirates of the Caribbean (I have only seen the first two I KNOW IM A SLACKER.) Peter Pan(: Forever Strong The Hunger Games movies The Fault in Our Stars (tearstearstearstearstearstearstearstearstearstearsTEARS) ...The Twilight Saga (These ARE a guilty pleasure;)

Favorite TV Shows:

Sherlock Doctor Who Supernatural The Walking Dead

Favorite Ships:

Harry Potter

Wolfstar (OTP) Jily Drarry

I've also got an enormous love for bisexual!james and bisexual!harry



Also I love Holmes brothers bonding fics, especially the angsty ones (not incest of course)

Doctor Who

Nine/Rose Ten/Rose


Destiel (OTP) Sabriel

The Walking Dead

Bethyl DX DX DX DX Rickyl

OK, now here's where you'll find info and status of all my stories. If you have questions about these, or any that aren't on this list, please PM me! I also accept story requests, so if you have a topic or a pairing, PM me, and I'll consider it!

The Story of Lily and James - The seventh and final chapter is up now! Thank you to eatcheesecakelikecrazy and March150 for sticking with me for my first story! Couldn't have done it without you guys! And be sure to check out March150's Kane Chronicles story Finding the Cure, it's a great Sanubis fanfic!

Their Secret - Ian/Amy pairing. First chapter is up! Probably won't update for a while. Thanks to eatcheesecakelikecrazy for suggesting this one! ON HIATUS.

Finding Out the Future; The Sorcerer's Stone - I'm so sorry to anybody who cares- the website has removed this story. I was very disappointed; I had so much fun writing it. I still have the chapters, but I'm not sure if I'll ever repost it. If anybody knows of a safe place to post it, or has any questions in general, feel free to message me. Thank you to everybody who supported this story! :(

Freedom - Ice Age Diego/Shira fanfic. …Looking back, this is seriously one of the randomest ideas ever lol. ON HIATUS.

Promises - I've had some new ideas that I just couldn't shake, so this story is no longer categorized as COMPLETE- it is now IN PROGRESS!!! Follow if you'd like to see more of Promises! (Also a title-change is in the works.)

Alright, that's everything I guess, so read and review away!


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