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For anyone wondering about the disappearance of the two Naruto fics I posted recently, after receiving such positive reviews I've decided to remove them until I can give them the proper attention they deserve. By the time they make a reappearance they will have a t least a few chapters completed and ready for upload.

If you think stories with a MA rating should be allowed on FanFiction.Net, paste this into your profile!

Age: 22

Description: Black hair, brown eyes, 6'2, lanky!

I would like to start out by saying that English is my second languge. I'm still learning, and I fianlly have a beta!


Favorite comic: Scott Pilgrim series

Favorite Manga: KissxSis, Prunus Girl, Negima!, Historys Strongest Disciple Kenichi, Psyren, Fetish Berry, Love So Life

Favorite Books: Harry Potter, Alexander Cold series, Darkest Powers series

Favorite Anime: Eureka 7, FLCL, Tenchi Muyo GXP!

Pairings I like:

Harry/ Cho, Katie, Fleur, Astoria, Gabrielle... just about any pairing besides slash! I dont have a problem with slash, it's just not for me.

Naruto/ Hanabi, Samui, Ino, movie females!

Percy/ Artemis, Thalia, Zoe, Annabeth... You know what, I like him with anyone.

Lastly I like most Gender bender storys!

Pairings I hate:

Draco/Hermione no... HELL NO!

Snape/Lily He may of had a hard life but he's still an ass!

Sasuke/anyone He's a little on the crazy side.

Percy's brother/Annabeth I really hate how many people use some brother of his to break the two up in most fics.

Favorite time frames: Harry Potter Fourth year! I love stories dealing with the Triwiz. Naruto chunin exams! It's Naruto's time to shine!

I have a thing for the mother's of main charcters, so I hate it when they are bashed. And if I'm to be honest, I hate most bashing. It's just too easy of a plot point to use and it ruins most stories.

Really hate Sevitis

CHALLENGES! If you take on one of these, please PM me so I can read it.

Can be a crossover/Avatar: The Last Airbender : "SUB-ELEMENT AVATAR" Challenge

Aang is born as the Avatar, but is unable to use the elements of Fire, Water, and Earth. Ashamed of this, he runs away and ends up being sealed into ice during the raid on his home airtemple. When he is later awoken, he learns that he can instead of controling the main elements can use Lightning, Metal, and Ice in their place.


-He must be more open to hurting his enemies

-Must be at least fourteen at the time he is sealed away.

-Any pairing as long as it involves Ty Lee(Preferably Harem)

-If you can think of a sub-element for Air, use it in Airs place!

-Can be a crossover but main character must become the Avatar in place of Aang


-No rape!

Naruto: "REBORN A NARA" Challenge =Takers: CreatorZorah

Naruto dies during the 4th Great Ninja War and is reborn as Shikamaru Nara!


-Naruto retains his memories from his past life.

-He gains Shikamaru's intelligence

-He keeps his own work ethic

-Must befriend new jinchuuriki

-Must not hold back, but must still graduate as a part of the rookie nine

-Pairing: any you want, but harem with Ino, Samui, or Hanabi is preferred


-No Rape


Up To You/

-whether or not he has any left over chakra from the Kyuubi

Naruto: "Sealed Legacy" Challenge = Takers: Soleneus

When stealing the Forbidden Scroll Naruto messes up and steals the wrong scroll. The scroll instead of holding forbidden jutsu, holds the abilities and memories of Tobirama Senju, the Second Hokage.


-Must gain Tobirama's level of control over water, his jutsu, and ability to use one handed seal releases.

-Must start to dress like Tobi

-Must have a way to block sharingan copying his techniques

-The third hokage must know about what happend, but won't allow Naruto to skip to a higher level of ninja.

-Has to gain a water based summons that isn't the toad contract

-Has to face Sasuke in final round of chunnin exams


-No Orange

-No rape

-Can not be a part of Team seven

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