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Fav Colors: Silver and Pink (cuz they look so good together...:D)

Ethnic Background: Native American (5 tribes in all) and a pinch of German

State: Arizona

Fav SM Couples: Of course, if you ever read any of my stories, I love Serena/Darien parings, and the scouts with the generals because they are so fun to write. Personalities clash and tempers flare to life, but once they get through it, and calm their pride, they manage to fall in love...Awww :romantic sigh:.Also, I can live with the scouts and the guys from the Anime...Andrew, Greg, Ken and Chad because their cute together. I'm not a big fan if Rini, only in certain aspects...she can be cute sometimes...

Hated SM Couples: Serena with anyone but Darien and vice versa. Especially Raye, I mean, if it starts out with them together, then gradually pairs him with Serena, I can live with that.

Girl n Girl, and Guy n Guy. I have yet to read a decent story of such. Sure there were attempts, and if done correctly, I can stomach it, but other than that...nope. I can't picture the inner scouts doing things like that. However, its different when its Amara and Michelle, I love Amara and Michelle! Matter of fact, my most favorite scene is in the movie, The Black Dream Hole (original Japanese voices) was when the outers come to save the inners and Michelle asks what was the point of keeping the children children forever because there are funner things to do when you're older...and then she gives Amara a sly smile and Amara blushes...its sooo cute!

Fav Animes: Sailor Moon of course. I still remember the day, I was fourteen and woke up early for the first day of school (5:30am) and was flipping though the channels, when the opening song rang through the speakers. I was totally mesmerized by the beautiful characters and the story line, I woke up every morning after that to watch it, until it was cut off right when Rini saw Serena transform and the faced off against the sisters...Oh I was so angry! Right when it was getting good too! And when I turned seventeen, I was surfing the web when I stumbled across it again, and through many years, I managed to get the full series, including the Star Series :claps hands in joy: Crystal Heart was the first person to introduce me to FanFiction. I simply love her stories!

I love Pretear, His and Her Circumstances (don't get me started on the ending of His and Her Circumstances!), Fruits Basket, Inuyasha, Kyo Kara Maou and now I have a new obsession... Naruto.

(Seriously, one day I saw a guy in the book store reading the Naruto Manga and wanted to know what the deal was with that Anime--because I saw a few episodes on cartoon network-- and after the first ten or so episodes, I was hooked! I spent a whole two weeks hogging the computer from my family to watch it online--I'm still hogging it since I found the online Manga--and now I'm waiting anxiously for the new chapters to come out...)

Favorite Naruto Parings:


Sasuke/Ino is my first choice, but I have to admit that I have a soft spot for Ino/Shikamaru too

...though I have read some really great stories with Ino/Itachi, Ino/Neji, Ino/Shino, Ino/Gaara, Ino/Suigetsu, Ino/Kiba and (gasp) dare I say...Ino/Kakashi?

Ino is my favorite female character and I enjoy reading the AU time-travel stories with Naruto and his Dad...

Favorite Harry Potter Parings: Usually cannon, but I really like Luna! She's my favorite character. So I like Draco and Luna and sometimes Harry and Luna...

Books: My favorite story is 'The Betrayal' by R.L Stine. It was the first of a long series that I never finished. Recently I've been hooked The Game of Thrones series (also called A Song of Ice and Fire series)I love romance books, especially the Historical Romances. Just something about breaking the rules really makes me happy.


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Many thanks to my readers and all the people who put me on their Favorite Authors List and Author Alert and all the positive feedback. I love you all kisses :MUH:

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