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Hello Fan fiction lover's of the world!

I recently graduated college and got engaged so my life is going pretty awesome, aside from being a broke out-of-college kid. I truly enjoy this website to no end. I often geek out here for hours at a time and this is perfectly fine by me. No more homework to get in the way.

I am a Trekkie and completely cannot get over the newest movie, Into Darkness. I cried and laughed; the best time in a movie Theatre ever. I will probably go and see it a hundred times before it comes out. This site has helped me learn a great deal more about myself and the things I choose to love deeply.

Thank you to all the author's I've come into contact with, you've been amazing inspiration and I promise to continuously review like I always do. So if I ever get a story together, please share what you have to say. After all, one cannot grow without the nourishment and support of others.

If I had to say who my favorite Star Trek character from 2009/Into Darkness, I would say it's a toss-up between Spock and Jim, but I enjoy the Alpha Crew for its entirety. J.J. Abrams is brilliant man who affected me greatly. A big thank you to J.J.

Lastly, if StarFleet were a real thing, I would have said forget going to college and Hello! to outer space. I think the idea of space is definitely endearing. One day before I die, it would be cool if it came true. Doubtful, but hey, a girl can dream can't she?

:D Always,


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