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Welcome Fellow Fanfic Enthusiasts!

I'm a great lover of fanfiction and I especially love that so many like-minded individuals also take canon reality and substitute it with their own.

My favorite fandoms are Twilight, Harry Potter, The Fifty Shades Trilogy, Bones, Star Trek (both the original and the reboot), Law & Order: CI and Jane Austen's works (primarily Pride & Prejudice and Persuasion).

You can find me at FF or on Facebook.

I do NOT accept tailored fanfic requests or offers for translation.

RECENT ADDITION: Fifty Shades of Plot Bunnies, inspired by the plot bunny pound found on FSoG Fanfic Obsessed. [You won't see the post if you don't belong to the group.]

Note regarding cross-platform updates: I post my stories on Fanfiction.net, AO3, FictionPad, and StarsLibrary. I usually upload to FFn first.

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