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I'm a Hufflepuff,
We're true to the end

United we stand
So I'll stand with my friends

Why so prejudiced against Hufflepuff and Slytherin, world..?
Slytherins are all bullies and Death eaters.
Hufflepuffs are all losers and timid aimless souls.

This is the general perception about them. This is sooo right. Or...IS IT?!

Slytherins are braver than your average Gryffindor. They can protect their loved ones and be there for them much more than your average Hufflepuff. They are wittier than your average Ravenclaw. The Slytherins just prefer to not show the world that!

Hufflepuffs are so much more cunning than your average Slytherin when they need to be, trust me, I know. Their knowledge of the world and the academics is much more than the average Ravenclaw. Heard of sweet talking, anyone? You have never seen a Hufflepuff angry if you think they are timid. They can beat a normal Gryffindor by that show of bravery.

Shall we join hands, or maybe wands, to show the world that we aren't who we seem? Such prejudice is completely baseless. Oh yes, it is.

I'm an adict, really... '_'

Of NCIS, NCIS: L.A., The Mentalist, Criminal Minds and I also like some others...

& of The Chronicles of Narnia & His Dark Materials

But most of all of Harry Potter

If you want to know anything about me, send me a PM and ask. Maybe I'm going to tell you... (=

Constant Vigilance & Semper Fi

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