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I am a Harry Potter fan (hence the pen-name) and will be starting a story soon on this, based post-hogwarts with an AU twist - which I aim to write long-term. Its interesting that I have a pen-name yet no story with the characters in it to match it!

I enjoyed reading and watching the Twilight saga, as well as the entire Smallville and Merlin television series.

My first fanfiction continues on from near the end of where Smallville finished. I started writing it because I wanted to know what happened to Lois and Clark after the tv series finished, and have enjoyed reading other fanfiction based on Smallville. At present this is on hiatus - but by no means forgotten.

I have also written a Twilight post breaking dawn one-shot, where Mike Newton Meets a Vampire. I have wondered what would happen post breaking dawn, and have read some really good stories (some still iin progress) on this.

Stories which give the point of view post-Breaking Dawn from the characters like Mike, Tyler, Jessica and Lauren I find interesting, especially if Bella has to avoid them due to questions about her appearance. I wondered what would have happened to some of these characters so wrote a one-shot focussed on the one and only Mike Newton, hope you like it.

Twilight stories:

A one shot regarding Mike Newton meeting a vampire.

No current plans to write anymore, mainly due to lack of time to do so, and also there are excellent stories out there already, who have actually covered the ground I wished to cover.

The Beacon of Metropolis:

A continuation of Smallville with an AU twist.

UPDATE: I apologise for not updating for a VERY long time, but have had an illness in the family which is understandably taking priority.

Merlin: The Revealing of Emrys (based on the BBC TV show)

An AU twist that begins shortly after the final episode begins. If you haven't seen the final season then don't read this. This will be 12 chapters at the most, as it really is just an alternate ending to what happened in the tv show.

Also be aware that the point of view is (for the majority of the story) mainly Gwen and Arthurs as it is a revelation story. I felt we got to see plenty of Merlin Point Of View in the tv show.

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