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I live in America and i've lived in the same house all my life so I dream of travel. This summer I'm going to go to Europe (2012).

I'm not going to lie I made this just so I could review other people's stories and poems. This is also my first profile online that wasn't an e-mail account so I not exactly how all of this stuff works but I'll try. (and it took *looks at nonexistence watch* a year for me to actually use this account) I have review stories before though and I just put lea.

I like anime and manga... a lot. I currently into Naruto. I really like one shots, consisting mainly of fluff by I don't mind a lemon every now and then. I enjoy stories taking place in distant time periods, like the Edo period with palaces and palace life. And any fanfic where my favorite characters get a happy ending or if it's angst he or she at least finds love or it simply seems so fitting, I can't complain.

I enjoy hiking and can't stand being inside for long periods of time. I love music and I like all kinds except most rap or religious songs.

I'm going to college.

My favorite artists:

Taylor Swift

Carrie Underwood

and many other country artists

Avril Lavigne



favorite songs:

Wedding Dress by Taeyang (I nearly threw a fit when I saw the music video.)

[See U] Hide and Seek by Vocaloid

Witch Hunt by Vocaloid

Circle You by Vocaloid

The Devil went down to Georgia

Alyssa Lies (i cried so much the first few times I heard it)

Girlfriend by Avril

sk8er boy by Avril

Into the Night by Santana

Servant of evil series by vocaloid

Lucy by Skillet

Gomenasia by T.A.T.U.

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