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Goodness, I've had however many years of reading fanfiction, and it's only now that I was confident enough to make my own account. How sad... But I'm VERY excited! I've got so many unpublished (ahem, unfinished) stories, it's actually kinda sad...

Moving on...

I have a terrible addiction to Twilight fanfiction right now, although if you asked anyone, they'd say I'm a HP fan. And I am, but I find writing Twilight stories come so much easier. Occasionally, I'll stumble across another genre that excites me, but my go-to ones would be HP and Twilight.

Current stories thus far:

(the only one, actually...)

A Place to Belong: Lucy Spencer is BFFs with Jake, Quil and Embry when she phases into a wolf and has to ditch them. During her time away from them, friendships develop and imprints are made. The story unfolds as Lucy tries to cope with the unusual dynamics of her imprint on Seth Clearwater. New Moon Part is COMPLETE. Eclipse is in the works, and I am very excited to get this one up.

Basically, I wrote this (originally as a one-shot, ha) when I saw Breaking Dawn Part 1. There was a particular scene Seth (BooBoo Stewart) was in that made me want to smother him with my love and hugs, and for those of you who have seen the movie, you know which scene I'm talking about. I mean, you know. Lucy Spencer was created when I decided I'd try writing a character that was nothing like me (which I'm pleased to say I've stuck to, to the best of my abilities. I'm nowhere near as brass as she is).

OCTOBER 12 2012: Hello everyone. I've selfishly decided to post this message to ask for your help. Before I got my account, I read this super-awesome story that I loved and now I can't find it and it's driving me up the wall! It's a Nessie/Jake story (I know, I know - many of you will be saying ewww). All I vividly remember is Nessie finding out the story of her birth and freaking out and running away south - like Australia or Hawaii - and learning to surf. Then Felix shows up and stuff happens, blahblahblah. It was a really popular story, really long, and complete. If anyone knows ANYTHING, pleasepleaseplease PM me? :D I'll be forever in your debt!

My sincere thanks for anyone who has any ideas,


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