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Hi everyone I'm Greg. I'm 29 and from Santa Rosa, California. I surf the net, watch tv and love to be outside when I can either walkin my dog or takin daytrips with my dad. Ever since I bought and watched Alpha and Omega I fell in love with it. The plot and story are up my alley in terms of the kinds of animated movies I like to watch. Also like my screename says I am just like Humphery in almost every way. I sleep in most of the time unless I have to wake up early, I make people laugh, I avoid fighting when possible, if I see someone that needs help I help them, I get myself into trouble from time to time, etc,etc,etc. The only difference I've found between Humphery and myself is my luck of lake thereof with the girls. I'm really shy around girls I don't know very well. I'm my normal self around girls I've gotten to know overtime though. I hate that I always get shy around new girls. It's a curse I gotta live with.

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