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So I'm staring over. I've deleted all my older stories (All three of them) and I gonna try and focus on just one idea that I've been having. If you would like for me to bring back one of my old ones then PM me and I will try to rewrite them to see if I can get my muse back to them. So now that that is over with...

Welcome to my page!!

Glad you came now I'm gonna need some help. You see I always have ideas running through my head for fanfiction but I can never just sit down and type them out. So If you can be really patient with me I will do the best I can. I am looking for a BETA for a story I am working on at the moment and if you would like to do so please PM me so we can set it up.

I'm gonna try and be a better writer and hopefully now I'll have the drive to get there. Wish me luck. Love you, Phoenix(aka CrazyWriter96)

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