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Emma A. Robinson PM
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Okay, just for the record, I am letting some of friends write this. So I apologize in advance for anything they say. ;) Haley: Rachel is one of the most smartest people I know out of all my friends. Cat: Rachel is one of the prettiest girls I know and she is really funny! She is really nice and really funny! :) She would help me on anything! Also she will take me to the library when I need to go and she is my buddy in the hall way! I like walking with her in the hall way because we laugh and we joke around its really funny! Also she has the coolest eyes they are really pretty! Also she is in 8th grade lunch which i switched out of now because i Can't see her as often! Also i wish she had more classes with me because she is an amazing person and really smart! :) ^^To add to that... I am completely obsessed with all things NCIS, and NCIS L.A. In fact, thats the only reason I joined this site. :) Umm I'm also on Wattpad... http:///user/rachncisfan2010 uhh yeah so thats it! :))
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