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The kingdom of the sweet and fanciful is always just out of our grasp. It lies beyond that intangible border called Life, beckoning to us with her mysterious smile and charming eyes, with faery creatures commanding our admiration and demanding our love. This other side of it is, undoubtedly, so much more lovely than the side to which we belong. Sometimes, we think we've stepped over the threshold for the faeries to embrace, but there is still a tie, however loose, binding us to the border--and perhaps it is just as well.

But if we can roam about in that eternal evening, we will find joy and dreams a-quiver with rainbows, each of a different hue, all beautiful, some similar but none the same. There we will roam with kindred spirits, together or not, soaring high and dipping low as we wish, for nothing is impossible when only those who will enter do.

It's a sweet escape, and very delicate! I shall meet you there, then--in that eternal evening.

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