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About Me and My Writing...

Writing has been a hobby of mine ever since my composition teacher in middle school stoked my ego into believing I was good at it. I've come to realize, much to my disappointment, that I am not in fact a prodigal writer, destined to change the face of literature. Through reading more, writing more, seeing more, talking more, and hearing more, I sort of became dwarfed by how much there was to writing, and what went into making a piece amazing. So my goal on this site is to hone my craft into something better than it currently is.


A Hollow Crown (Dicontinued) [Bleach]

My first fanfiction that follows the story of a powerful Vasto Lorde named Kodoku Takahashi as he joins Sosuke Aizen's army of arrancar, and discovers the truth behind the mysterious power hidden in his eyes, a remnant of the crown of a king older than time itself.

Machinations (Series) (Planning) [Bleach]

“That’s where all of it comes from, you know. Those Machinators, shinigami bastards that were so smart, so powerful and had so much time on their hands they took control of all of existence, mostly for the fucking hell of it. They had this vision, see, of a free world, one without rules. Well not having rules is a rule, ain’t it?”

  1. Sand and Sophistries (Planning)

Everything has its price in blood. Elsa Chaira, bounty hunter renown, knew this better than anyone; blood and gold were her livelihood after all. A tenuous peace has been struck after the warlords who fought for the throne of Hueco Mundo became exhausted, with Acoat Emyr standing on top. Now, he attempts to consolidate his power, sending ripples throughout Hueco Mundo, stirring some of the monsters that were once content to sit back and watch. All this is good news for Elsa; as a bounty hunter, she and her associates thrive off of strife. But something has changed in the La Negra, Hueco Mundo's underworld. Elsa and her once unchallenged group the Cazador have been targeted, but instead of investigating, Elsa is sent on what may prove to be one her toughest assignments to date; escorting Huitz Emyr, the defeated prince, to the safety of Asilo.

Enchant (In Progress) [Fairy Tail]

Sometimes, the only way to overcome great darkness is to become it. These words set him down a winding path and before he knows it, Kalan Baade is entangled in a web of ancient duties and deceits, and even more entangled in the affairs of a one Mirajane Strauss.

Chasing Ghosts (Planning, but doesn't really need a plan) [Bleach x Toradora]

She couldn't help but chase after ghosts. It was inevitable she'd find one.

Started out as a crack kind of idea, but the more I think about it, the more I like it. I wouldn't be too surprised if someone had already thought of this, so I actually may not do this if there's something exactly like it. The essence of the idea is a Ichigo x Kushieda fic that takes some cues from Sherlock Holmes. Honestly the concoction really sounds like crack, and maybe it kind of is, but at this point the idea is too developed to scrap.

Basically, both Ichigo and Kushieda ends up going to Karakura University, Kushieda on a softball scholarship, and Ichigo to become a doctor. They come together when neither can afford a place to live.

Pokemon Legend (Title subject to change) (Planning) [Pokemon]

The core of the world could be boiled down to a simple statement, a formula from which everything could be derived. An attempt by a childhood lover of pokemon to piece together the fractured pokemon games into one cohesive legend/creation-story. It follows a resident of the Scale Islands who on the eve of his seventeenth birthday finds himself fleeing from a dark organization called Atlantis that has taken over his home with the champion of the Scale League. As they travel around the pokemon world, they slowly piece together the myth that drives Atlantis.

Art of the Kill (Title subject to change) (Planning) [Log Horizon x Sword Art Online]

"There are ten thousand ways to kill."

In the year 2021, around thirty thousand people were trapped in the world of Art of the Kill Online, with only one clue as to how to get out: a note in graffitied onto one of the major buildings of the starting town that read win or lose, kill or be killed. Art of the Kill was at first a strategy based single player game, and the online version reflects this. To win, one must gather the shards of the Lost Crown. They aren't however loot that can be dropped, or items that are received at the end of a quest. They are cornerstones of entire civilizations, and whoever owns them guards them jealously, whether human or otherwise. A lot to be planned, obviously, but a it'll be a good way to acquaint these two similarly awesome serieses.

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