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I got out of the habit of reading fanfiction for a long time but it's recently sucked me back in again. Can't. Resist. Reading. So now I'm writing my own. Yeah... it's for Supernatural. It's a sickness, I tell you. Besides I get to write off my incessant Supernatural watching by saying it's "research". It's a two for one deal.

Well, story #1 is done and I have another one (or maybe three) toodling around in my brain. Sadly, it has absolutely NOTHING to do with pie. Dean would be most displeased. One of these days I'm going to write a pie-centric story. You just wait and see. Pie really needs to be on the character list for Supernatural stories.

Sorry for the slow updating. I've made good on my promise to write a story about imaginary friend Lucifer. Now I still need to write one about pie. It's coming. Oh yes. It's coming. Still working on a non-Supernatural related novel (I know. For shame) so the fanfictioning is going a bit slower. I apologize most humbly. I haven't given up on any of these stories. They'll all be finished in time. In the meantime, help yourself to some pie. :)

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