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Miki: gomen but she had to much sugar

Mai (turning in to different colors): NEEEEEEEEEEEE-SANNNNNNNNNN I'M COLORFUL :D

Miki: uhhhhh (sweatdrop) okay so We have many Ocs


Miki: So here are some stuff about us

Mai: you can call us Mai and Miki. We are twins (in real life too). We are 74 years old (as if we will tell ya our real age but only if you seem non-stalkerish).

Miki: We are total anime lovers :D and other stuff but most of all WE ARE MUSLIM AND WE ARE FROM AFGHANISTAN!

Top Fave Anime

10. Shugo Chara

9. Yakitake Japan

8. Gakuen Alice

7. Tsubasa Chronicles

6. Naruto

5. Bleach

4. Higurashi/Katekyo Hitman Reborn

3. Inazuma Eleven/Go

2. Umineko/Loveless (Mai: KYAAAAAAAA I LOVE LOVELESS *dies from pure bliss* Miki and Lina: Yaoi fan ==""")

1. Mai-Hime/Otome

And many more XD

Top fave songs

Magnet by Miku and Luka

Servant of Evil by Kagamine Len

Love is War by Hatsune Miku

Nageki no Mori by Ayane

All Dear you songs from higurashi By multiple artist (we think)

Happiness of a Marionette By ... sorry we don't know

The End of the World by... don't know either

Ricordando il Passato by Aikiko Shikata

Akakakushi by Aikiko Shikata

Safe and Sound By Taylor Swift

Moves Like Jagger by Maroon 5 (Mai: I got them mooooooves like Jagger :D, Miki: ==')

PonPonPon by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (Mai: PON PON WAY WAY PON PON WAY PON WAY PON PON X3, Miki: I recommend it. It's like the asian Nicki Minaj :D )

Flawz by Caitlin Crosby

Titanium by David Guetta Ft. Sia (Mai,Miki,and Lina: You shoot me down but I wont fall I am Titanium!!! X3)


Top Fave Characters

Hinamori Amu

Tsukiyomi Ikuto

Hoshina Utau

Kazuma Azuma

Tsukino Azusagawa

Ken Matsushiro (afro man :D)

Sakura Mikan

Kazemaru Ichirouta

Fubuki Shirou

Shidou Takuto

Masaki Kariya

Furude Rika

Maebara Keiichii

Ushiromiya Battler

Golden Witch Beatrice

Tokiha Mai

Kuga Natsuki

Minagi Mikoto

Yumemiya Arika

Wong Nina

And Many More xD

Stories that we might do if school doesn't murder us xD


A daughter's love

A story about Kageyama's adopted daughter whose on a path of revenge. She wants the people whom she thinks is responsible for her father's death to feel her sadness and hatred. Kind of an ABC type of fic.

Kokoro link

Who would have thought that a normal day could suddenly become into a crazy day. It all started when the gang noticed Natsumi was eating three bags of chips and talking to Megane while Kabeyama was fretting over his hair and reading the new issue of Fashion Does and Don'ts

Insanity...It's Everywhere

A couple of one-shots about your characters going insane. Not the "I'm going insane for those brownies" but the Legit insanity where people are really insane xD

So Weirdom!

A game show like fic where the cast can be dared to do many dangerous stunts and we might happen to have some of those special scenes or extras ;3

Natsumi's Cook Book

Welcome to Natsumi's cook book! Here you can enjoy gruesome um we mean Delicious dishes and hilarious reactions that would make you want to try these amazing recipes. Just make sure Natsumi doesn't know about this ;)


A zombie-fied crush

Sid helps Crona from a couple of boys who were harassing her but by doing so Crona has started having certain feelings for him. Does Sid also have the same feelings for her? Fem!CronaxSid a CRACK PAIRING for a friend on Anime Amino ;)

A Power of Destruct

Black Star encounters a girl who can give him unlimited power if she becomes his weapon. Black Star agrees and leaves Tsubaki and DWMA. A year later a new chaos arrives and the gang finds themselves face to face with Black Star who has become a different person. Friendships break and lives are at stake. Can Tsubaki bring back her friend or is he lost in the darkness of his heart? Dedicated to my cousin.


New Rivals!

Somehow a new Host club has opened and is stealing the original Host club's members. Not only that but the rivaling club's president has fallen for Haruhi and now Tamaki seems to have a new enemy for Haruhi's heart not only that but let's not forget the Lobelia Girls who just can't stop kidnapping Haruhi at very random times. For some friends on Anime Amino.

All Because of a Cup of Coffee

23 year old Fujioka Haruhi spilled a cup of Coffee on Otori Kyoya and now she has no choice but to be his fake girlfriend in order to repay him back. As time passes and getting to know Kyoya a bit more,Haruhi soon develops certain feelings for him but does he feel the same for her? HaruhixKyoya.

Haruhi's Twin trouble

Haruhi's twin cousins are now attending her school and they are causing a bit of mayhem by being at war with the Hiitachin twins. Not only that but many misunderstandings have been created and poor Haruhi just wanted to have peace just for once. TamakixHaruhi Ocx? and Ocx?

Mai: So yeah That's about it

Miki: We hope you guys read and review our stories

Mai and Miki: JA NE! X3

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