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Not sure what i should put here. I've always hated those "tell us about yourself" essays you have to write in class. Well I just turned 19, well I guess not just, it was in January..duh. I'm a freshman college student and I just got an internship with a law firm for the summer. It's a bit intimidating, but I'll deal. ummm.. let's see. I love the Victorious cast but especially Avan Jogia and Liz Gillies. I also watch Vampire Diaries & whatever else i happen to catch. Not much TV time lately. So feel free to let me know if there's a really great show out there that I should watch! I love all sorts of music. Not so much country, but I love classic rock, 80's glam rock,hard rock, some pop music & just basically whatever feels good I guess. Well that's all for now, til I think of something else! Happy Reading!:P oh! I'm on twitter @michellee116 my tumblr page is in my profile there. ok bye!

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