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Have I Gone Mad? I'm afraid so...you're entirely bonkers, but I'll tell you a secret, all the best people are."-Lewis Carroll

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A Complicated Friendship (possibly)

Fairytales are more than true: not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten. -G.K. Chesterton

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Fighting Scottish: It all started with an increase in price. With the price of papers increase, the newsie gang, including their leader Scotts Thomas, must band together in order to take down the unfair prices. But with a certain Brooklyn Leader standing in her way, will Scotts be able to lead her army into battle? And will Spot and Scotts be able to put aside their differences for the greater good?

Everything Changes: As the strike war wages on, Jack Kelley, David, Sarah, Spot and Hearts face challenges they never dreamed of. Their fears come to life, their past catches up with them and it feels as if they can not hide from it. As Jack leads the newsies into the strike, old enemies come up. For David, he never believed he would get caught up in something bigger than him. Sarah didn't know she would fall in love with Jack Kelly and when she finds out his dream, it changes the game. Spot's worst fear of losing someone comes true and Hearts? Will her past finally catch up with her? Will the Newsies win the strike? Will David figure out how to use his voice? Will Sarah find love? Will Spot protect the one he loves and will Hearts let her past dictate her future

Once and For All: Spot Conlon wanted his kingdom safe from the overtakes. Athena Boyce wanted freedom. Roan Jakeob wanted power. In due time each of them will get what they want and something they need..

Ballet Recital: What happened when Mush went to a show...ONE-SHOT

Screwed Up Story: I got this idea out of bordum. What would happen if your characters had a say in your story? What would they do? Little ONE SHOT I wrote! No pairings...all funny!

Disappear and Reappear Again: They loved her, they promise they would protect her. But one night she disappeared, after four months of looking they gave up. A girl appears, has no memory but looks like Colt. They think she is. But is she?

The Four Horseman

Double Trouble: The Disappearing Act: Their a pair of 'magical' twins. He did card tricks and she did the acrobats. He got the Death Card, She got the Gemini. Read about the Wilder Twins as they get caught up in the magical world of the "Eye." and find out a lot more than they were asking for...

Peter Pan

Darkness Darling: You've all heard that story of a wonderful young boy who never grew up. He took girls and boys to Neverland to live there, to have fun. Well, the story is wrong. Neverland is yes, a place of games and fun but the boy who originates there is anything but wonderful. This is the dark story, the real story. This is the Story, of Helena and The boy who never grew up...

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