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A little background: I'm a fourth year student in Edinburgh, Scotland - my homeland. I've been writing fic for a whole year, and don't understand why I put it off for song long. It's such a great angst outlet!

My main obessions are:

TV: THE NEWSROOM!!! (I'm addicted!) Castle, Lie to Me, Sherlock (and most other Holmes canon fiction), Doctor Who, Downton Abbey, The West Wing, Spooks, ER, House, Life on Mars, The Thick of It, Star Trek (OST and TNG).

I occasionally read movie fics - I was slightly glued to the Avengers (LOKIIIIIII) - but generally speaking I find TV series far more addictive. The only thing I'm a fan of that I can't read any fan fiction of is Harry Potter. Jo ruined any other's attempts for me. Sorry :p

Well, that's all for now.

Laters! ;) x

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