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I wrote fanfics in portuguese years ago, but now I won't! If you want to know something, send PM. I write because I like, but sending some reviews will not kill you or me. I couldn't care less about ship fights.

I'm a depressed person, who sometimes feel happy enough to send reviews. Maybe I will come back. Maybe not. Whatever, really.

My characters are crazy, are different, and I don't give a damn if you don't like them. In the case about some term that you don't understand, I can explain, but I will not change anything because you don't like it. If some word is wrong, characters ooc, I will try to fix it, but that's it.

I don't promise updates.

edit: Sorry if I sound kinda cold. I just see stupid people in internet, and feel angry, and try to help them see that they are being stupid. Then suddenly they say "tits or gtfo". That's nasty and non sense. Everyone has breasts, boys too, unless they were severely hurt somehow. WTF?

And also, I can't deal with people who can't understand that I write for me, not for them, and even if they ask, nothing will be written until I want too. I procrastinate a lot too, so no, I can't write more quickly. I do in my pace.

If you want some tip, I can give a little, but I'm just good with punctuation, it seems. And noticing some words missing. And feeling confused with any problem in the fanfic and plot. Too bad. And some things that I learned:

Show, don't tell. Or do it together, or show first and tell later.

And the one I like a lot: Write what you would like to read.

You want this character doing something interesting, okay. But it would be better to me if you write it yourself. Even if it looks like trash. Babies not always are born beautiful, and you can't spectate every piece of writing to not be a piece of shit. But you can rewrite right away, ask for help or wait some months or years before looking at this again.

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