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Ello, I'm Bunny CarrotHunter, previously known as Love-Stories-Fan. I changed the name because the name BunnyCarrotHunter was more identifiable as an online persona.

I love stories that evoke an emotional response- a feel-good piece of fluff, a villain that makes my blood boil, a tragedy that makes me want to hold back the tears. I really like clever symbolism. I love it when people write characters' dialogue so well that I can 'hear' their voices in my mind as I read. I find that a story with a good 'flow of prose' keeps me reading so well. Tragic stuff is awesome. I have many like this in my Favourites section, so if you feel you may share the same interests in fanfiction as I do, please do take a browse through those.

One of my favorite genres are psychological horror, a psychological dilema out of fear, a decision, confusion or mental mystery. An example, "The Uninvited," where once you know the truth, you rewatch/read the entire thing now in the different respective outside of the mind of the protagonist.

"Their Spell, Our Curse" is my only (major) fic at the moment and probably will be for a while. It was the first fic I ever decided to publish that was not on DeviantART, and, as some may have noticed, uncompleted. I originally planned to finish before 2018, but that date has been pushed.

Jigglypuff/Gengar has always been one of my favorite ships since I got into Pokemon, mostly because of the figurines I had as a kid. Still, it intrigued me so much as to do a full on story that to this day I have not lost interest in. Other Pokemon ships I support are Pikachu/Buneary, Mew/Mewtwo, Weavile/Graveler, Seviper/Zangoose and Meloetta/Snorlax.

Fandoms I'm in/Fic I read about: Dragonball, Pokemon, Fish Hooks, Chop Socky Chooks, Nightmare Before Christmas, Muppets, DanceDanceRevolution, Toy Story.

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