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Hi everyone!! Nice to meet u :) Im from Panama and love reading. When I found this site it was like heaven because im sure im not the only one who have wanted to make another stories out of a book or anime. Im really greatful to all the people out there who writes to please all of us reading succubus out there. Gambatte and im supporting u!

.I loooooove video game (RPGs more than everything) and Im stick to my computer watching anime and manga. I do Shaolin Kung Fu (believe me, Im NOT kidding. I wouldnt lwaste my time saying something pointless) because i love almost every martial art. I can draw pretty well manga and im in the soccer team. i love listening to JPOP and KPOP.

Favorite animes: 12 kingdoms, magic knight Rayearth, fruit basket, Rouroni kenshin, kaleido star, sakura card captors, Vampire knight, Bleach

Favorite manga: 1/2 prince, hana kimi, hana no kishi, ice revo, kaichou wa maid - actually pretty much any manga that the female protagonists arent whiny bitches and can fight pretty well.

Favorite bands/singers: UVERworld, BIGBANG, Ne-Yo, Usher, Spyair, Does, others I don't remeber right now...

FAvorite boooks: Any form Tamora Pierce or Trudi Canavan. The Ghost In The Tokaido Inn, The Eight, The Fire, and again: any book in which the female protagonist is not a whiny bitch.

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