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Hello and welcome to my profile! :D I am kind of new on Fanfic, and I am hoping to make some friends here! :D I am hoping to make some more friends! Now, here's some things about me...

Name: y'all can call me Padme. :D

Hobbies: Horse back riding, roleplaying, reading, writing, dancing, singing, messing around on my computer.

Likes: Horse back riding, roleplaying, reading, writing, dancing, singing, hanging with my friends, Youth, playimy my Wii, and playstation 2, messing around on my computer, horses, cats, big cats, animals, computers, making friends, warm weather, farmwork, riding ATVS and quads, motorcycles, watching TV and movies, my family and friends.

Dislikes: Mornings, cold, freezing cold, snow, people making fun of me or gossiping about me or spreading rumors about me, embarrassing myself, spiders, bugs, sharks, death, homework, chemistry, biology, blood, needles, surgery.

Fears: Spiders, insects, bugs, deep water where I can't see the bottom, heights, death, blood, surgery.

Anything else: I live in a big family of seven with two sisters, three bros, and my mother. I am a born- again believer in Christ, a Christian. I am a Jesus Freak, and proud of it! :D If you don't like that about me or even don't like christians or Jesus, or God, no flames! Don't be mad at me because I'm a Jesus freak, okay?


Music: Christian, Country, and some Hip Hop, rap, and pop (only some, though...)

Fav. Things to do: Reading, writing short and long stories and poetry, drawing, messing around on my computer, surfing the net, roleplaying about any and everything, ballet, dancing, singing, watching movies and tv, learning about history, hang out with my friends.

Subject: History, some Algebra 1, and some English stuff.

And, that's about it! :D If you have anything in common or just want to chat, pm me and I'll talk with you! :D If you want to rp, pm me and we'll rp! :d I'll play just about anything and everything! :D

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