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For any of you wondering, I'm currently working on my BBRae fic Shades of the Mind, but there are a few stories that I have in the works as well. I'm not making any promises on what will come next, but believe me, stuff is being worked on.

My main fandoms are Teen Titans and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (primarily 2003 verse), but I also dabble in X-Men, Harry Potter, and Danny Phantom. After Shades will either be Stolen Hearts, Stolen Minds (BBRae Teen Titans fic) or one of my TMNT fics (I have 3 currently in 'actual' progress).

UPDATE: August 21, 2018. Not dead. Posted Ch 17 of Shades. It has not been beta-ed and it didn't turn out like I'd planned, but it is what it is. Working on 18-20 now, though I think Ch 17 is going to mean scrapping Ch 19. They don't work together anymore. Fear not, there will still be a Ch 19, it just needs to be overhauled completely. I will finish this mother trucking pain in the Cassbutt if it forking kills me so if anyone is still out there and interested, stay tuned.

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