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I write stories, but mostly read them. I pretty much only read Victorious stories, and write them, but I write some Glee(Harmony/Rory) stories. The only crossover stories I write are Victorious/Big Time Rush(Jade/James) and Victorious/Glee(Jade/Sam) and the only Victorious stories I write are Beck/Jade. I do write OOC stories(as in real life, I know most people don't like reading those but I write them, okay?) and the ships include Liz Gillies/James Maslow, Liz Gillies/Avan Jogia, and Liz Gillies/Chord Overstreet. I do take requests, but one thing I will never write is Bori(I'm sorry Bori fans, I don't like it). I probably won't write smut, so don't get your hopes up. My old account was Cat13X3 but I lost the password for it.

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