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I'm new to fanfiction but quite addicted now as most shows can't give the detail a good story can. Living in the U.S. but loving all the British television I can get with BBC America and PBS. I grew up watching Doctor Who in the seventies and enjoy most things scifi...My favorite shows are Primeval, Big Bang Theory, Downton Abbey, Castle, Sherlock, Scorpion, Forever, and of course, Doctor Who.

I finally got the nerve to post a story. It's Primeval with my favorite pairing: Becker/Jess and now I've written four.


1. Fish - Becker/Jess - Multiple anomolies inside the ARC and team members are performing tasks completely out of their comfort zone.

2. Secret Weapon - Jess has some surprising entries in her work history and resume. Becker finds himself working for his old commander on a mission in the field with an unexpected partner.

3. Operation: Christmas Confession - Emily and Abby concoct a foolproof plan to bring Jess and Becker together for Christmas.

4. Unconventional Intervention - The entire team must go undercover at a technology convention to catch a thief who has stolen one of their devices.

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