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Hello and Welcome Weary Traveller!

My name is Anjirika. I'm a teacher who absolutely loves the fandoms that I am apart of. When my original muses abandon me, the characters that I have fallen in love with speak to me from the recesses of my mind. I imagine what they might say, and how they might react should a certain thing go differently. Sometimes their stories are short, merely snippets of a larger picture. Sometimes they are epic in their own right going on for chapters longer than I imagined. I keep coming back to my beloved fandoms because they makes me smile, and I hope that my stories do the same for you.

If you do read, I hope that you'll leave a review before you go!

Thanks so much!


March 22nd 2019: As of right now I haven't written fanfiction since 2016 but I am back to finish up my OUAT AU-ish version of Season 5. I came up with the plot long before season 5B, 6 and 7 ever aired.

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