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Here it is, the profile of me, FlamingHooligan.

Not much to look at.

I like reading, my favorite subjects vary, I think perspective defines reality, and if your are reading this then I really appreciate it.

Go on down to the favorites if you want to, and take a look. I like to think that I try to put really good stuff there.

If you are done just skip on down to the story, if you didn't read this, I still think you should read the story, you are on my profile after all, and it is not like you are going to find anything interesting here. Please review, it is what keeps me motivated; besides various videos, and random flashes of inspiration.

I do believe in God

If you do or do not, then that is ok, but please do not try to force your beliefs on others.


Because I can still be happy

Because when I talk to myself and I answer back sometimes I think I should just name my personalities and be done with it.

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