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Who: Isn't it obvious? I'm CENSORED.

What: I write fanfictions.

Where: In my house. Duh.

Why: Because I have to do real work otherwise.


How: With parchment, quill, and tricorder.

Why: you already asked that.

Where: You asked that too.

What: Stop asking Gorram questions!

Why: Because this is MY profile!

Why: Because I made it!


The wrath of the Time Lords is upon us! If you don't review every story you can find in the next 24 hours, we'll be put in a never-ending time loop FOREVER!

Bowtie's are cool.

Stetsons are cool.

Fezzes are cool.

TARDIS's are cool.

Sonic screwdrivers are cool.

Pineapples are cool.

Dressing regularly is uncool.

As is Klom.

And the Alliance(Firefly).

And Guns. Guns are uncool.

Hailing Talos is uncool.

Hailing The Master is uncool.

Hailing Sauron is uncool.

Hailing Mehrunes Dagon is uncool.

Hailing Junko Enoshima is just insane.

Hailing Kronos is uncool.

Hailing Moby Dick is suicidal.

Hailing Peter Wiggin? Donneven go there. DONNEVEN

Hailing Attilla the Hun is just upsetting.



Other information

Favorite villains: Emperor Palpatine, Sauron, Alduin the world eater, Galbatorix, The Master, Dimentio, Ganondorf, Voldemort, Firelord Ozai, James Mcphearson, Cluny the scourge, The Arbiter, Prince Zuko, Grand Admiral Thrawn, Rassilon, Sepiroth, The Wanderer/Revenant, Kira, Lelouch VI Brittania, Father, Dagoth Ur, Opal Koboi, and Moriarty.


The Princess Demigod?(Percy Jackson/The Princess Bride)- Annabeth and Percy are sent from their happy post-war camp to adventure in the world of Florin and Guilder. An entity with a serious grudge against the gods wants to change the events of this story, which could cause catastrophic events in their own world. Percy and Annabeth must make sure the story goes as planned, but what if their mysterious enemy has a plan for them too?-On indefinite hiatus

The Immortal, The Weapon, and The Doctor(Doctor Who/Firefly) -The Doctor is brought to a strange planet by the TARDIS. He eventually finds and boards the Serenity, who is taking on more passengers. Many of the newcomers have secrets, however, and River is bent on finding out all of them. One passenger, however, is definitely not what he seems.- On hold

Of Gods and Magic(Percy Jackson/Harry Potter)- Nico is sent to Hogwarts to spy on the wizards, but finds an unexpected friend in Luna, and the mission goes awry as he begins to have doubts.

Champions of the Valar(Lord of the Rings/Silmarillion/Percy Jackson/Harry Potter/Legend of Zelda)- The dark lord of Angband is rising once more, and the Valar send messengers to three worlds to gather great champions to fight him, as they are cut off from middle earth. One to Hyrule, to gather three wielders of the triforce. Another to the world of ancient myths to summon three of the mightiest of demigods. The last to the world of magic in hiding, to find three wizards and witches willing to fight for the universe. If Melkor rises, all worlds will be doomed.- Featuring a plethora of pairings such as: Mink, Percabeth, Lunico, and Morgoliant.

Avatar: Origins(Avatar, The Last Airbender) -In the beginning, we did not bend the elements, but the energy within ourselves. However, this power gave one control over others, and the strongest of spirit gathered entire armies of warped followers to aid their cause. They bent people into beasts, and beasts into demons, and they crossed the land laying waste to all. We new that this was not the way. We brought the bending of elements into the world. The Dragons, the sky bison and the badger-moles all chose their people. The moon and ocean themselves came out of the spirit world to give the tribal people of the northern ice great power. This still didn't stop the energy benders. Worse, the airbenders took up arms against the world, and sailed their catamarans across ocean, desert, and plain in a great horde, devastating the peoples they passed through. We decided it was time for our own solution. This is the story of the first avatar.- coming... sometime. Maybe.

A Game of Light and Shadow- A war of Epic proportions fought between two of the greatest fictional prodigal strategists in existance, Ender Wiggin and Lelouch Vi Brittania. They are both given an ultimatum; one based on threats and fear, the other based on goodwill and hope. As Empire clashes against Republic, can the galaxy possibly survive? Takes place post Ender's Game and R2, and just after Thrawn. Featuring Ender/Jane, Lelouch/Shirley, Lelouch/Kallen, and limited amounts of other pairings.

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