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Hello everyone! I am a Bleach fan and I love reading fanfiction. Mostly Ichiruki. I really like the stories here and commend everyone for putting in their effort and time to write such amazing fics!

I have posted my own stories too and would love people to read and review them

A few things about me(since it's MY bio):

Age: 18.

Gender: Female, duh.

Pairings I enjoy: I mostly read Ichiruki and it's my OTP :D But I also love Byaren and it's my second-most favourite pairing. I'm yet to join fandoms for other pairings.

Favourite Bleach characters: Ichigo(and his hollow of course ;) ), Rukia, Byakuya, Grimmjow, Yoruichi, Nel, Renji, Orihime, Urahara, Stark, Shunsui. I wish they showed more of Nemu, Unohana, Hisagi and Nanao though :/

I'm not really a writer and writing, unfortunately, does not come to me as naturally as it might to some people but I do enjoy it and put all my heart into what I write and share my imagination with everyone here.

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