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Hi Everybody! It's Hetaliagurl123 and as my name says, I love Hetalia!!! And Sonic and Twilight and Pokemon!!!

Heres a few facts:

Name: Jill (Gillian)

Age: 13

Area: Vancouver!!!

Moar facts!!!:

I am IN LOVE with hetalia, especially America and Sealand, hes jusst sooo cute~

I LOVE Sonamy!!! It's my favourite pairing!!! Next is Shadamy but only as long as sally isnt paired up with sonic in those ones. I really like Shadow with my OC Kim

Twilight is my favourite book ever! And I dont like reading so a 4 book sereis is pretty good for me!!! I totally want to be Bella!!! Shes so lucky!!! Im gunna name my kid Renesmee when I grow up!!!

I LOVE Pokeshipping, Ikarishipping, Contestshipping (My fave :D) Rocketshipping and Zoey/Kenny (I forget its name :D)


Kara Gretying (Brittish West Florida!!! Wiki it!!!) (Hetalia) She has long blonde hair that goes to her waist, and purple eyes. She met America one time when they were hiding from the cold! She recognized him from their meetings but he doesnt know that shes a country yet! Just wait till he finds out!!!

Kim Styres (Sonic): She has short blue hair and loves to wear crazy makeup and jewlerry and clothes of course! She is a Belieber and loves Hedley!!! She has a sort of crush on Shadow that I'm going to look at in my fics. (Hes totally in love with her!)

Felipe Styres (Sonic):Kims twin, he has the same blue hair but he always pretends he doesnt know her. He's in love with Amy but shes with Sonic so he really doesnt like him. He teams up with Sally to try to break them up a lot!!! (Dont worry guys, they will fail!!!)

As I keep writing I'll probably come up with more so I hope youll encourage my writing!

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