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Katelyn D
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!/ Basics /!

Name: Kate Dawson

Hair Color: Light Brown/Dark blonde

Age: 15

Eyebrows: yes...

Eyelashes: they're gorgious

Lips: think..emmy rossum? dunno, they're gorgious

Lip gloss:clear and shiny!

athetics:English horseback, dance, track, fencing?

academics:english,, science?

What I wanna be when I'm all growed up:dunno. horsebreeder? actress might be fun! cant act though...

College pride:dunno, somewhere in europe

Boyfriend: sigh

Awwww hunny are u single:define 'single'...kinda

As in you have no boyfriend:not realy a "boyfriend", friend whom is a guy

Think and Write

When you are stressed:sing, sketch. play the piano. _

Smellerfff...sniff:roses! my room is full of them! oh, and horse-dust


Somekind of love 3 3 3: _ sigh of course

words said: hmm...'think of me, think of me fondly...'

ringing in my head:today was so awesome

over and over again:stupid TV



~_Have you ever_~

Fallen asleep on a train: never really been on a train that long

Cutcutcut til your little summer butt hurt oh so much: alrightly then

Gone on a diet:several times

Tormented yourself by not taking the first bite of birthday cakeuntil people wanted to stab you: HAHA! yes...

Been a lier: not really...

Read the book Kissing the Rain:no...

Been a poser: no...

And not realized it: exactly

made yourself throw up come on now it's not that bad don't be all like noo: NO! aneroexic, maybe. I WILL NOT throw up

tried to dull your senses with some druggies: NEVER! ugh!

how about tried to end the pain all together: o my god, NO!


No matter what people say behind my back, they call me:Katelyn

I popped out on: April 11th, 1989

In: a hospital.

I am stuck in: wink secret

My dad's ethnicity: white

My mom's ethnicity: white

My heritage: hmmm...dunno, I know ittalian is in there somewhere, and german

I blew out this many candles on my last birthday:15

My lover's name is: _ hehe secret

"If it didn't hurt, then they wouldn't call it a crush":haha, duno

Yummy eats: chocolate! salad, anything with fruit

Drinks: water in summer, tea in winter

My hair is the color of: hmm...dunno

I have the physique of: hmmm...Emma Watson/emmy rossum/Kate winslet

My teachers teach me at: a school

Muah friends: wonderfull

People who I don't like and I'm not afraid to say it:jordan

I worship: _ everything! life!

xMy Lovesx


School subject:art and music

Restaurant:hmmmmm dunno

Place to get ice cream: not a big ice cream person

Place to get a smoothie: shrug wherever

Place to be: around horses

Scent: roses! and horses

Something you could do for the rest of your life: sing, ride

Way to chill out:draw, movies

I love the sound of: Music! and a joyfull horses whinny!birds in the morning

Actress:Emmy Rossum and Kate winslet!

Actor: Daniel Radcliffe! Leo DiCaprio, Orlando Bloom

Reading material:Harry Potter, anything by Tamora Peirce

I can't live without: my family

In my bathroom:uh huh

In my room: stuff...

I could put my money away in:bank...

xMirror Mirror On The Wallx

What do you do with your hair?braids or wavy

What is your body image like? hourglass figure

How do you do your make-up?lipgloss and foundation for school. a little bit more for plays etc

What beauty product can you never live without?lotion/foundation

Do you own perfume? yup

If so, which scents? - strawberry, rasberry, lotsa others

Clothes, clothes, clothes...:funfun!

xHave you ever?x

Contemplated suicide? God no!

Been clinically depressed? NO

Cut yourself? NO!

Been bullimic or anorexic? anorexic

Skipped? what?

Watched TV all day? no

Sat on your butt for a whole summer? NO!

Listened to music all day? of course!

Changed a hell of a lot for one person? well...maybe

Publicly barfed? does one person count as public?

Eaten a whole lot of food and then hated yourself for it? haha, yes, kinda

Went for one whole night without any sleep: no

Stayed up all night on a school night? no

Fallen asleep in class? verrrrrrry close

Been the victim of a three-way phone scam? no


If you could have any job in the real world what would it be?actress/famous rider

When you die, what do you want your funeral to be like, etc? I dont know, dont think about it

If you could spend one day with anybody in the whole world, who would it be? o gosh...Dan, Emmy, Kate, Leo..pick one!

If you had one one-way ticket to any place out of state, where would you be heading off to? europe

If you were the president of the USA, what would you do:fix the stuff Bush totaly messed up


Three names you go by:
Kates, Katelyn..."Hey You!" lol

Three screen names you've had:
HorseCrazy742, PhantomMusic3836, Crows_Rule3836

Three physical things you like about yourself:
My eyes, my hair, my smile

Three things you could improve about yourself:
I could DEFFENETLY bein better shape.

Three parts of you heritage:
German, Italian

Three things that scare you:
Tornadoes, death, Spiders

Three of your everyday essentials:
Music, jeans, some kind of book

Three things you are wearing right now:
PJ bottoms, Tshirt

Three musical artists or bands:
Il Divo, Gerard Butler, Emmy Rossum, Celine Dion

Three favorite songs:
My Heart Will go On, 'Why Have you Brought me here?', Learn to be Lonely

Three things I want in a relationship:
True Love, Happiness, Trust

Two truths and one lie:
Titanic is the best movie ever made, Leo is gay, I'm obsessed w/ horses
Three things about the opposite sex that appeal to you:
Artistic/musical, eyes, personality

Three favorite hobbies:
piano, horseback riding, singing

Three careers you are considering:
musician, trainer, professional rider

Three things that you want to do:
learn to sing proporly, win a horse show, get a 4.0

Three places you want to go to on vacation:
London, Paris (Opera Ganier), Southampton, England

Three children's names you like (one boy and one girl):
Erik, Daniel, William

Rose, Kate, Lily

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