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Not much to tell.

I am male, live in Flanders, (upper half of Belgium), eightteen.

and I like to annoy my sister.

I like to read books from Rick Riordan and the maximum ride series, used to like Harry Potter.

and since I have problems editting I'll say it here:

I don't own anything, I have no publication rights at all

and prosecuting wouldn't help you 'cause it wouldn't be worth the trouble

remember, remember

the fifth of november

the gunpowder, treason and plot

I know of no reason why the gunpowder treason

should ever be forgot

The following was also found on the profile page of Monkeybandit2:

The Situation in Hell

The following is supposedly an actual question given on a University of Washington chemistry mid-term. The answer by one student was so "profound" that the professor shared it with colleagues, via the Internet, which is, of course, why we now have the pleasure of enjoying it as well.

Bonus Question: Is Hell exothermic (gives off heat) or endothermic (absorbs heat)?

Most of the students wrote proofs of their beliefs using Boyle's Law (gas cools when it expands and heats when it is compressed) or some variant.

One student, however, wrote the following:

First, we need to know how the mass of Hell is changing in time. So we need to know the rate at which souls are moving into Hell and the rate at which they are leaving. I think that we can safely assume that once a soul gets to Hell, it will not leave. Therefore, no souls are leaving.

As for how many souls are entering Hell, let's look at the different Religions that exist in the world today. Most of these religions state that if you are not a member of their religion, you will go to Hell. Since there is more than one of these religions and since people do not belong to more than one religion, we can project that all souls go to Hell.

With birth and death rates as they are, we can expect the number of souls in Hell to increase exponentially. Now, we look at the rate of change of the volume in Hell because Boyle's Law states that in order for the temperature and pressure in Hell to stay the same, the volume of Hell has to expand proportionately as souls are added.

This gives two possibilities:

1. If Hell is expanding at a slower rate than the rate at which souls enter Hell, then the temperature and pressure in Hell will increase until all Hell breaks loose.

2. If Hell is expanding at a rate faster than the increase of souls in Hell, then the temperature and pressure will drop until Hell freezes over.

So which is it?

If we accept the postulate given to me by Teresa during my Freshman year that, "it will be a cold day in Hell before I go out with you", and take into account the fact that I went out with her last night, then number 2 must be true, and thus I am sure that Hell is exothermic and has already frozen over.

The corollary of this theory is that since Hell has frozen over, it follows that it is not accepting any more souls and is therefore, extinct . . . leaving only Heaven, thereby proving the existence of a divine being which explains why, last night, Teresa kept shouting "Oh my God."



finish my stories, doesn't matter which or when or how it will end, as long as my origional story (edited if needed) forms the first chapter. but please leave a message if you do.


naruto with sound

Naruto finds a scroll with sound jutsu or a sound sound fruit from OP, or the hammer from 'Hungry Joker'

abilities or techniques that may be used (names can be changed)

'sound clone', clone made of vibrating air, dispel in a small, but concussive in short range, sonic boom, does not devide chakra, have their own mind (like echo echo from ben10), no memory transfer

stealth technique, 'soundless step', nullifies every sound made by the caster

intelligence technique, 'allhearing ear', makes every sound made by the target audible for the caster (like speach, hartbeat, ...), range - 100 meters

genjutsu, 'mood swing', music for influensing emotions, intentions, maybe also for delivering subliminal messages, tasks.


-'screem of the damned', a banshee scream, like banshee from the X-men or like a sound cannon used by the police and military (, in countries with a functionning military, unlike my own).

-'sonic ...', a small sonicboom to enhance blows from fists, arm slashes, kicks.

-'quake palm', fists or palms resonate with everything solid touches, making it break/shatter, note: 1. used on water or other liquids disrupts any (local) currents for a while, making waterwalking useless as long as the technique is used. 2. if used from the feet it can simulate waterwalking, by hardening the water, at the cost more chakra but immune against the first note. 3. used on normal ground creates earthquakes of 15m diameter, use on very dry ground turns it to sand, useless against sand, used on wet ground turns ground to mud.

-'bass pulse', stretching arms, making a triangle between thumbs and index fingers, sends out an aimed pulse at the target.


-'pulse shield', sends a series of pulses/shockwaves out from the caster, one pulse is two layers of dense air, with an vacuum between them, protects from fires and sends projectiles off course, wind style techniques can break through but are severely weakend.

-'spining world', sends out a sound that disrupts the balance, foes and allies are hit when in range.

-'syrupy sky', thickens the air by vibrating it, makes movements slow and heavier, jumping is virtually impossible (exept for somone like Gai, lee isn't at that level yet), can be countered by people who know the technique, if the air is thickend enough one could swim in it. (can be used to train muscle strenght)


-'sky walk', hardening the air under the feet by vibrating it, one could stand on it, walk on it, run on it, ... .


a Naruto and Hungry Joker

this page may help for inpiration


I'd go for Tesla.

That said I hope on a quick reaction.

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