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A few updates for anyone who's wondering:

I probably won't finish my story "In Our World". "Misunderstandings" will be updated irregularly I've lost interest in "StarCrossedWorlds". To be fair, I was thirteen when I started that story and I am now 23. While some of it makes me laugh (Sasuke and Naruto) other parts make me cringe (anything remotely romantic). I think I've gotten better at romance but we'll see. The plan was to finish it in twenty but...yeah I can't. I have four chapters left of "Ninja Clash!" I have already written out an outline.

I'm super embarrassed when I go back and read some of my older work, but I don't have the heart to delete it. It just reminds when of what was. Oh! To be thirteen again.

Ninja Clash! (Naruto)

I wanted to do a slight SasuSaku pairing in this story while staying true to the characters. When I'm cranking out a chapter, it's a lot harder to stay true to the characters when you want them to do certain things. I think I pull it off without being too preachy but I also think its easy to assume its Sasuke/OC. Let me assure you, it isn't. I've written two Sasuke/OC stories but I'm not a huge fan (I only wrote them because I thought it was easier to write in Sasuke's POV). Writing Sakura is hard for me, I've no idea why. She shines more later in the story. I hate that I do so many POV switches. Akari is completely infatuated with Itachi though. I feel so bad for her, but Itachi's kinda nice about it. I'll be glad when this story is over, juggling so many characters in one scene is maddening! It's a lot easier to split them up. The character Anna is inspired by Anna from Shaman King, if you didn't know. I designed Kazune to look like Minato Namikaze (the fourth hokage) but I can't tell you why. Akari calls her sister, Kaori, Revie as in Reverie which means daydream. After this is finished, I'm going to go back and revise the earlier chapters as well as get rid of that prologue (don't know why I wrote it, it has nothing to do with the actual story). This is my favorite story because it takes so much.

I may take it down to redo it.

How I Met Your Father

Naruto fic Gaara centered with OC. I haven't found many of these that I like, so I figured I'd write one. This is supposed to be a fun story. It purposely doesn't get too heavy. Many of the fanfics I've read go so dark so fast like jeez. I'll update as long as there's interest, so leave a review or follow if you like it. It takes a lot to love Rinmaru. If you've read this story, you know she's a bit...much. She and Gaara won't happen overnight that's for sure. It's less involved than my other stories but it does take a while to get going.

Update: Guys we are almost to the end! I'm so excited. I wanted to finish this the same year I started it because I'd originally outlined it to only be ten chapters. But, it could only be ten chapters if I consistently met my self-imposed quota of 13 pages per chapter. Oh, well, I'm trying to make up for it now by going into the 20 page territory. I appreciate everyone who has stuck around since 2018. I know it gets annoying and it feels like I'm taking a step forward just to take three steps back...that's because it's true.

As an aside, did anyone else watch How I Met Your Mother?

Also on another side note, if you have any of you have any Gaara/OC stories to recommend let me know. I'd like to read some.

Of SpiritsApparitions

So, this is my second attempt at a Yu Yu Hakusho fanfic. I deleted my other one.

Update as of June 11th 2020.

I am conflicted about the direction of this story. I'm not sure if it should end with a pairing anymore.

Back To You (New)

You know I told myself I wouldn't start another Fanfic until I finished one of the others first. But, alas, I am a liar.

This is a story that came to me while I was rewatching Death Note for the millionth time. I thought it would be interesting to pair our favorite detective with a character whose world revolves entirely around herself. Meeting L calls all of that into question. It's going to be a little dark and angsty. L, with his stubborn superiority, will clash greatly with Diana's ego. Both can be problematic when it comes to each other...or other people. We'll get there.

First Half will be tenish chapters. Second half will be ten and we should leave off on an even twenty or twenty-one.

The writing for this one will be very different from my other stories. Because it's Death Note it will be a bit more serious than the others. It'll still be fun though.

Also, side bar, are there any Near/OC stories out there? I don't want to write one, but I'd like to read a good one. Any suggestions?

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