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Welcome to my not so great profile.

You may call me Tati if you like, or some other name you prefer...

Ok, things about me...

Birthday: January 1st (New Year's baby!)

Fav Colors: Light Blue/White/Black/Grey/Burgundy

Fav Animal: Panda :)

If I could have a super power what would it be called: Super Mega Ultra Poke.

What do I wanna be when I'm older: Psychologist (Don't judge me)

What do I enjoy: Writing, Reading, Studying about different cultures/languages

Fav Animes (that i can think of)

Shugo Chara



Fruits Basket

Black Butler

Tokyo Mew Mew

Vampire Knight

Ouran High school Host club

Gakuen Alice ummm i'll get back to that...

What i'm currently working on

Battle of Love:

"Suddenly a hand came crashing down, knocking her chocolates out of her grip, it collided with the floor and her hope tagged along with it. A voice soon followed, it was angry but you could hear the satisfaction hidden within it."Hinamori Amu picked Valentine's Day of all days to confess to her love, knowing that in her school that day meant pain. Extreme mental pain and if needed, physical as well. Amu has a box. In it is a letter, a letter that could get her in so much trouble if in the wrong hands. What happens when that letter disappears?

Status: Ongoing

Progress: 5%

Next Update: Unscheduled.

Completed Work

Waiting For You:

Ikuto hasn't contacted Amu in three months. He left her to find his father with a simple statement "we will continue this when I get back", and time flew by, he forgot. Amu is still waiting for him to call or text her. Her feelings confuse her. His feelings confuse him. An angry phone call from Rima sets things into action. Now the lovers will met again.

Status: Complete.

Future Stories:

Puppet: (its a surprise -)

Tame (?)

Author: Follow Favorite

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