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heyy, wellllll , er, I LOVE MAXIMUM RIDE, WITCH AND WIZARD, AND HUNGER GAMES!! (soo much) :) my friends-- coolperson101 (charlotte) , hungerwings54 (ava) , and

whiteangel101 (rachel).. are obsessed with these boooks too! ... i've finished all of W&W and max ride and i was planning on reading Mockingjay slowly... maybe to make

it last til March 23rd when The Hunger Games movie comes out... but I read it really fast cuz it was soo good! and char... even though everything that happens at the end... I think i'm team Gale! :O (i also feel bad for you though! cuz becky keeps telling you erything that happens before

you get the chance to read it!) Alright well it says profile up there ^^ sooo ... a lil bout myself is ... hm.. well my name is Emma... besides booksss i love baseball, idk im

kinda a tomboy in some ways... :O butttt... i also love james patterson!! and im so happy that all the books i've been reading have been turning into movies!! ... but

also, he needs to make more teen books :L i musttt keep reading and im running outta books!!... but thats meee!! ...

Toodles! ;D

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