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Hey there, I'm klex! I'm currently making my way through university with art and anglistics more or less okay and live in a permanent state of “what the hell am I doing“. Have mercy.


– [complete] –

Salt Water: Her Nan traces invisible lines on tabletops as if she‘s mapping out long lost worlds. AU.

Oneshot; Everything goes wrong, history repeats itself. A child grows up in the world after. Starring some strawhats, marines. Outsider POV. (thinking about making a companion piece in the same universe)

Cover was made by the wonderful chen-path.

Different: “I'm gonna be King of the Pirates!“ - “Don't you mean Queen of the Pirates?“ - “Is there a difference?“ AU, genderbent strawhats.

Oneshot, what is says on the tin.

Decided: Their decisions will be the ones to change the world. The will of the D.

Oneshot, character study of sorts.

– [in progess] –

walk the plank, eyes wide open, the rewrite of Walk with the Dead: Death meets girl, boy meets death. The end. The beginning. or: Portgas D. Ace discovers dying isn’t the end of the line, yet — unfortunately, now he’s in dire need of a spirit guide. All Lana wanted was everything but to be dragged off on some quest she’s got no interest in. or: People die. But this is not the story of their death - this is about things left behind.

A multi-chapter story involving a young woman with some very dead and haunting issues (starring our favorite deceased hothead). It consists of several arcs involving both pirates and marines, with canon cameos galore, while fully canon compliant (at least as i'm writing this). I've sunk my claws into the morally grey and gritty side of one piece and I'm having a feast.

If you're interested in how the main characters look like, check out my tumblr and dA. Currently my main project.

– [hiatus] –

Straws: No matter when and where, somehow, he would always find them. Inspired by Aoihand/Aoi24's multiverse challenge. Strawhat-centric.

A series of former Oneshots of the straw hats in different worlds and circumstances. Originally planned to be posted them together, but then they each took a life on their own, so now it's going to be a series of AUs. In progress.

In progress & about half-way finished: The Boy in the Attic

Working titles, started, planned: Evening Rise, Little Furry Troublemaker, Clockwork Toy, Hitchhikers.

There's a shadow: She isn‘t the son they all expected and fear, and she isn‘t sure if that's better or worse. Ace gender-bent.

The Road not Taken: “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I - I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.“ Inspired by Aoihand/Aoi24's multiverse challenge. ASL-centric.

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