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There are a few things I'd like to say about myself. I'm a fan of Harry Potter and I finished reading Book 5 and was surprised at the death of the character. I didn't expect J.K Rowling to write the death of that character but the cause of the death was stupid. I have no doubt in my mind that Cho will be with Harry. Harry/Cho FOREVER!! I'm still into Tenchi in Tokyo and don't know why, it's an old Toonami anime maybe 4 or 3 years ago. The ending episodes were stupid and Sakuya was the only NORMAL girl Tenchi only EVER loved. I don't understand why people hate her and prefer the ALIEN girls. I'll tell you why: Ryoko: A pirate, old, ugly, and blows stuff up! Aeyka: A princess, old, ugly, has a royal tone in her voice, when yells, she is just dead scary, and is a ROYAL PAIN in the *!!! Sassami: I'm not bashing her because she's too young for a relationship but is beauiful at the age of 9. Washu: Short, verrryyyy busy, wayyyyyyyy too smart, and already has an adult voice at her height. Kione and Mihoshi: Are Space Polices, one whines and complains about food, collects Space Police Police toys, and her room is a BIG MESS. ABOVE ALL: ALIENS!!! Fav anime: Tenchi in Tokyo(old anime), Card Captor Sakura( old anime, I never saw or found out about the last episodes where Sakura fights and defeats Clow Reed. It's a wonder I remember this), Gundam Wing(best Gundam show), Zoids: Guardian Force(I never saw the four final episodes and I regret the day I found out the time and date of it: January 4 2002 1:00pm), I'll never find out if Van and Fiona confess their feelings or how they say it, unless succeeds), and Rurouni Kenshin(best anime yet) Card Captors Theme song(this is all I can remember): "Card Captors! A msytic adventure! Card Captors! A quest for all ???! Each card posseses a power in/or/of the soul, we need to find them and bring the power home! Fire, Wind, Shadow, Wood, Sword, Thunder Power, Sleep, Card Captors of the Clow, Expect the unexpected now! Card Captors! A msytic adventure! Card Captors! CARD CAPTORS. Famous Card Captor Sakura Line: "I call upon the powers of my star, ancient forces near and far. Clow cards, transfer all your might and draw your power from my light! Star card! Card Captor Sakura Star Chant: "Key of the Star, with powers burning bright, reveal the staff, and shine your light. Release! Li Showron's incantations: "Force know my plight! Release the Light! "Sources of light, with ancient spin, send forth the magic power within. Oracles of gold, wind, water, and electricity. Force know my plight! Release the Light! Zoids Guardian Force quote: "Everyone wants a piece of Van." Big O quote: "Your sense of fashion Roger, really reeks." Outlaw Star quote: "Why was I made? Who made me? And what did they make me for?" Fav song albums: Nelly, Linkin Park, and Eminem(not that much) Friends in school: Andrew, Philip, Steven, Nimish, Brandon, Peter, Justin, Zack, Greg, Freddy, Jason, Julie, Cassie, Vie, Fantasia, and Jasmyne. Friends on and Misty Hamham. I might need some help on how to post a fanfic so help me out. I've nothing else to say, good day.

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