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Hm? uh, where to start? Well, you may call me by my codename: Techno. Why 'Techno'? I don't know, I randomly thought about my codename. Haha.

I'm, uh, just your low-normal low-average girl who's very insane in the head (be careful!) and very, very random. I have lots of flaw, you know? Ugh, I really don't know what to talk about. Um, well, I'm the creative type but when I try to make it reality, it goes awry. I wish I could at least have a little bit of mary-sue-ishness. I'm a very flaw-full person, maybe that's why I have OC's that can be so mary-sue-ish that I try to lower. I'm a failure.

All that aside, I'm also a very lazy person. I don't have lots of accomplishment unlike other talented people like you, dear reader. I have lots of downs (mistakes) than ups. Maybe that's why I have a lot of people that I admire, which is almost everyone. Heheh. Excuse me for my rudeness too, I... really don't mean to be rude but a lot of people see it as rude I think.

I should stop before I burn your eyes, I apologize!

...I guess that's it. (very, very short)

Please treat me well, thank you,


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