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sup, its a.marsh55 i someone told me put stuff on my profile so here you go

favorite anime: naruto, bleach, dragonball z, avatar: the last airbender

favorite games for fanfiction: final fantasy( doesnt matter which ), ninja gaiden, DOA,kingdom hearts


- http:///art/Commission-NaruTema-202105119

favorite naruto stories:

1. Jounin Naruto

2. naruhina

3. Minato and kushina are alive

4. akatsuki naruto- also great for neglected naruto

5. neglected naruto- love these stories but it pisses me off cause nobody ever finishes them or does them in a way that makes since and doesn't make minato or kushina look like monster.

6. godlike naruto- depends on how the story is done.

7. anbu naruto

8. hunter nin naruto- needs alot more didnt even think about this story idea tell " path of a hunter nin" by narutoenthusist

9. modern day highschool naruto- prefer him with fem. kyuubi.

10. Sage naruto

11. Samurai/ kenjutsu naruto

favorite crossovers:

1. naruto/bleach

2. naruto/avatar

3. naruto/ final fantasy 13

4. naruto/ fairytail

5. naruto/ RWBY

6. Naruto Star Wars

7. Naruto/ highschool dxd

8. Naruto/ percy jackson

9. Naruto/ sekirei

10. Naruto/ justice league

favorite naruto couples:

1. naruto/ fem. kyuubi

2. naruto/ karin

3. Naruto/hinata

4. naruto/ mikoto

5. naruto/ shizuka

6. naruto/ ino

7. naruto/ yugito

8. naruto/ fem. sasuke

9. naruto/ temari

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