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2021 update: I now have a P a t r e o n, if you're interested in F/F original stories please check it out

Hello all!

I'm LZClotho, also known as LZ. I started posting fanfic way back in 1997 as a bard in the Xenaverse. I ventured around and also wrote a lot of Star Trek: Voyager, as well as dabbling in one-offs here and there in a few other shows. What I've decided to do here on fanfiction.net is to bring all my stories to one place, using the lovely and powerful tagging and search tools to your advantage, so that these stories can have renewed life here among the new and continuing fans.

I write all over the place, everything from short stories to novella-length, episode one-offs, AUs, and stand-alones. I sometimes write the sex, and sometimes fade to black. I like het and femslash, and identify as bi. Most stories you'll find here are f/f.

One last note, some of my fanfics have been image-inspired, and since FFnet continues to make it a hassle to add links in story files and keep the formatting, I posted those stories over at my A O 3 account (and not just links, but the pictures too).

Limited Permission for Transformational Works: If you are inspired by one of my fanfic stories to create something, such as a translation into your home language, an audio recording, a fan video, or a fan art, let me know so I can link to it in the author notes or story summary. Thank you.

Use of Original Characters: There are not many but do not spin-off or use any original characters you may find in these stories in your own works without obtaining my written permission. Thank you.

Archival Statement: Do not download and archive these stories anywhere else. I put them myself on AO3 and here and go back and tweak them from time to time. Thank you.

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