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It has come to that time where one must update their profile. While this one has been around for many years, it has always been in the background - a review here, lots of reading there. Never much participation within the social scene of this extensive site. It has come to attention, though, that when one reads through the search lists and realises that they have read most of those stories, that they need to start thinking about either doing something else, or getting a life. Naturally, one always chooses to procrastinate more. Who needs a life, after all?!

-ahem- If you have yet to figure this out yet (which would be pretty sad), I am known as Kaylen Cooper. You can call me Kaylen; that, I am afraid, is all you ever will call me. I am in my 20s and am male - I live somewhere within Australia. I like to do many things, but most of them aren't relevant to this site. What is, though: I love to read. If your internet browser didn't die out when you were loading my profile (mine does!) then you would have noticed my rather... extensive favourites list. They're all there for a reason, and trust me when I say that they're only a fraction of what I've read. ;)

I enjoy many things in my reading, but most of all (and this is the big one) is originality. While yes, there are so many stories that will end up being similar; doesn't mean they need to be carbon copies of them. I like stories that hold my interest, and keep it (I often lose it after the first few paragraphs if they aren't good) until the end. Originality plays a huge part in that. :)

What I don't like in stories - in life, also - is stupidity. Whether that is by unexplained situations, plot-lines that don't make sense, irrational bashing of characters (I love bashing, but please, make it logical and with a reason!), characters that aren't logical (such as making male characters into female, how gay must equal girl-like, moronic behaviour without any explanation, pansy characters without any guts, balls, or spine... and that's only the start!) as well as many, many other things that I might classify as stupid.

Make sense, write logically - with emotion and thought beyond the next paragraph and I'm sure we will get along just fine.

As it seems to be some requirement to also list a person's favourite pairings: None. What, really!? Why yes, I do prefer my stories without any romance - unless the genre is romance, and with the ... quality of writing that is often found on this site, when one tends to introduce romance into their story (without informing anyone of the pairings within the first chapter, might I add!) it tends to take over and become the main focus (whereby the author tends to pair everyone and their dog) and totally ruins a perfectly likeable story, into some pre-teens wet fantasy.

Ok, ok, I will admit that I do favour certain pairings over the other. It all falls back to what I like in stories, though: originality. While some mainstream pairings I will favour, the majority I don't; simply because they're all overdone, cliched and really badly done. I don't read many het pairings, simply because I swing the other way. As long as it doesn't include the pairing romping around like it were going out of fashion, isn't cliche, and for Harry Potter isn't either Ginny, Cho, Hermione or any other female besides Luna? Hell, for Luna I'll even brave the het!romps, since she is love. :) For slash pairings, well: as long as it's both original and rare you will hold my love forever. I'm not going to list out every pairing that I might ever like, or even every pairing I will hate until the end of eternity. Waste of time! Try thinking, and you might come up with some.

I will say, though, that within Harry Potter fiction I do not see the love the majority seems to hold for Severus Snape. He is ugly, greasy, and unkempt. Old, totally rude and with manners worse than a foul-mouthed beast. Why people insist on pairing him up with anyone, making him nice, or the gods forbid, hot (ew) is beyond me.

Anyway. So, what will you find me writing? Depends. In the foreseeable future, you will see things within the fandom of Harry Potter, Stargate, Battlestar Galactica 2003, Pokemon, Narnia and Star Wars. Possibility of Inheritance Cycle and Sailor Moon might also be included, but not planned anytime soon.

Scroll down for what I am currently working on. :)

What I read is always up to how I will feel at the moment. I love the mixture of Sci-Fi and Fantasy, and both by themselves are great also. I tend to like the darker side of things, and would love to read a story where evil wins (not how most do, and how evil is redeemed and they're sorry and please forgive me!) - such stories seem to be lacking. I am a fan of crossovers, and also have a guilty pleasure in where one side subjects and totally owns the other.

I dislike Harry Potter stories that have irrational bashing and hatred towards the Wizarding world in general (especially where they take off to, good gods, America). I am of the belief that JKR never fully explored the wizarding world, and as the story is told by a teenager with lots of angst towards the "system" anything that is said is biased. I mean, honestly: if I got a newspaper and it said something about some famous person, am I going to believe it? I would at least take it with a grain of salt, and so would most other people. If you say otherwise, then you're being deluded. Does this make me a "sheep" or someone who just follows the masses? Hardly. It makes me someone who waits for more information and doesn't really care one way or another. It's not like it's going to impact on my life - Harry Potter is a celebrity, making it out that for some bizarre reason that people who don't know him, have yet to meet him, or have no other source of information must, somehow, know the truth and how what is being printed is wrong and totally untrue, baffles me. How are they supposed to know? But I'm Harry Potter! They should know better! Sheeeep! Baaaa! Who are you going to believe, a teenager with attention issues, or a Politician and known newspaper writers? No matter how much you might or might not trust the latter, if some teenage celebrity comes up to you and says: Saddam Hussein is still free! And killing people! He's out there! He was never caught! It's all a hoax! Totally! But then the leader of your government denies these facts, and is backed up by the national newspaper... yeah. I think I, and most, would believe them over some stark raving lunatic. No matter how famous they are. ;)

I am off on a somewhat tangent, though. Harry Potter is told through the eyes of a teenager who is lazy, procrastinates and didn't even realise that there was a world outside of the Magical British Isles until fourth year. Even then, he never wanted to learn about it. So we are never told about anything beyond the biased views of a teen who rages against the masses. Who knows what else might be around, or might even be within the British Isles themselves! Canon has proven that it can't be relied on, and is why I turn to fanfiction where, if you're lucky, you might come across those few gems that are love. :)

If you haven't caught on either, I tend to ... write a lot.

If you've read the above and you look through my favourites, you might see some conflicting stories - keep in mind, though, that I honestly don't have a clue what is in there. I did say that what I do favourite, is only the best and a small fraction of what I read. I have been on the site for a number of years though, and opinions, likes and dislikes tend to change over time. One day I might clean it up, but I don't see that happening anytime soon.

With love, and thanks;


Current Projects:

- Create a community and forum dedicated to rare Harry Potter slash pairings. Only the best!
- Continue on writing, planing and researching current active stories.

Current WIP Stories:
(Once completed, beta-ed and revised to satisfaction will, and only then, they will be posted)


Untitled: One-shot
Set during the season 9 finale, focusing on Sam.

Untitled: One-Shot (Possible multiple)
Post-Season 8. Surviving Replicators learn about Atlantis.

Untitled: Three-Shot (Possible Series)
During Season 10. Not all the Ancients ascended, not all the Ancients left this region of space. What happens when they're discovered again?

Untitled: Multi-Chapter Series
AU Season 10 finale. The crew of the Odyssey speak up against being transported to the planet. When the time-dilation field is activated, something goes wrong and the Odyssey, with all hands on-board, disappears into the ravages of time.

Caretaker: Three-Shot (Possible Multi)
AU Stargate Universe, after "Light". The Destiny wasn't as abandoned as they thought.

Untitled: Three-Shot
Stargate Atlantis. After learning more about the Ancients, Teyla mentions a group of people that travel between the inhabited worlds.

Harry Potter:

Untitled: Pre-Hogwarts, Two-Shot
The Dursley's are too frightened to keep Harry locked away at night. They dare not mention anything when they learn about a string of unsolved murders coinciding with the nights Harry roams free...

Untitled: AU GoF, One-Shot
Harry was sure that he never agreed to any contract. He was also sure that the majority of his House was going to learn about going against him. Watch as Harry wins the Tri-Wizard Tournament, with as much loss of life possible.

Untitled: AU OotP, Three-Shot
There were many shiny things within the Department of Mysteries. Luna must hunt out the shiniest, and she is sure as hell going to drag Harry along for the ride. (Mild Harry/Luna)

Untitled: AU HBP, One-Shot
Theodore Nott sees something that not many others do, and it must be his. (Slash: Harry/Theo)

Untitled: Five-Shot, Starts in CoS, AU from OotP
Justin is known to Harry, and he won't let anything stand between them. (Slash: Harry/Justin Finch-Fletchley)

Untitled: Two/Three-Shot, AU HBP
Cormac doesn't feel the need to be the stereotypical Gryffindor around Harry. (Slash: Harry/Cormac McLaggen)

Untitled: AU One-Shot
Voldemort doesn't love. Harry is sure that he can. Dark, Character Death. (Mild Slash: Harry/Voldemort)

Star Wars:

Untitled: Non-Movie Focus. OCs. Multi-Chapter - Episode Format
The Jedi are only called in when all other possibilities have been exhausted. Watch as a team of six - Two Jedi/Padawan Teams, a Jedi Tech Specialist and a Liaison Officer with the Republic Security Force solve the toughest mysteries, crimes and strange happenings of a galaxy that is known for whatever can happen, will.

Untitled: One-Shot, AU Pre-ANH
Young Luke enjoyed the feeling of power, and now he wants more. Dark!Luke


Untitled: Harry Potter x Card Captor Sakura
Set around CoS era, and in the past during the time of a young!Clow Reed.

Untitled: Harry Potter x Narnia
Set pre-Hogwarts era. Dark!Harry, Apprentice of Jadis, Prince of Narnia.

Untitled: Harry Potter x Stargate
Set during the end of CoS and beyond.

Untitled: Harry Potter x Stargate Universe
Set after DH, disregarding the Epilogue.

Untitled: Stargate x Star Wars (possible three-shot, possible series)
Pre-Series, Pre-KotOR. Focuses on the Ancients and the Infinite Empire.

Untitled: Harry Potter x Star Wars
Harry finds himself in a place where the unimaginable is everyday - watch as he explores a galaxy where nobody knows who he is, with the freedom to do as he pleases.

Untitled: Harry Potter x Pokemon (Three-Shot)
Harry finds himself lost within a strange forest. Ash finds Harry and both are intrigued.

Untitled: Stargate x Battlestar Galactica 2003
The Asgard, exploring other galaxies the Ancients seeded with life, stumble across the Cylons.

All are currently being worked on, in some form or another. Expect the x-shots out before the multi-chapter stories.
"Untitled" stories don't receive their final title until closer to release date.

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